{Weekend – part I}

What can I say? The weekend has been great. Me and my boyfriend , together with a couple of friend, we decided to leave the city for Tuscany seaside. It wasn’t the first time for me (here and here ), I came from those places but for them yes, it was the first time and I can say for sure that they liked it very much… There are so many amazing things to see, beautiful and quite places to visit so far away from the noise of the city…It’s just a corner of paradise to me, I consider Tuscany my home where I spent all my childhood and where I continue to come as much as possible…Maybe one day I’ll move over there

Pietrasanta, little streets ….

where you can discover beautiful unusual interior design store (also here )

and amazing and very good winebar and restaurants that have tables on the street…I can assure you that they are not as the usual characteristic restaurants you find in a turistic place, the quality of them is very high … and sometimes the prices too!!!

To be continued…