{Weekend – part 2}

Forte dei Marmi (commonly called “il Forte”), the “pearl” of Versilia, is very famous all over the world as one of the Tuscany’s most exclusive and elegant beach resort.

This small village is UNIQUE with a special atmosphere, beautiful places… It has and old style fascination…

Luxury stores, amazing and uncommon boutiques…

We had a fantastic weekend, but it was impossible the opposite in such beautiful places.
What do you think?

  • Kris said:

    Beautiful! What type of camera do you shoot with?

  • Kris said:

    I'm looking for a new camera as well. I'm interested in the Canon Mark II. It's too much money (almost 3 grand), but it shoots HD video as well!

    As far as being Italian is concerned, does New York count? haha

    I'm not first generation Italian. But my roots are from Sant'Angelo del Lombardi and Oliveto Citra. I'm slowly learning the language, but it's hard to keep up with along with everything else. I should probaly just cough up the money and take some classes. But the family is huge, loud, and loves to cook and be merry! I love the European lifestyle though. I try to adapt is as much as possible from what I read.

  • Ciao ho dato il via a un concorso fotografico sul mio blog,
    questo è l'indirizzo del contest


    spero di vederti in gara, se l'idea ti piace e ai amici interessati alla fotografia spargi la voce ;)

    Ciau ciau a presto.