{Modern country House }

Since I begun my blog, this is the first time that I write about an Italian house. Usually I’m more attracted to north european style (danish and swedish over all) or french style, I like white and grey colors, cream palette…But this time as soon as I watched those pics I had a crush on that house.
It’s and old farmhouse situated in in the middle of the country side in Piemonte (a north Italian region) in between barley’s fields and vineyards.

Big windows let the light come in to illuminate all the house

The house has mainteined it’s old structure but it has been furnished in a modern country way…Rycicled objects have been mixed with modern and a bit “cold” furniture …

Would you like an armchair in the bathroom? It’s one of my countless dreams…

Like it!?
  • Questa casa si distacca molto dal tuo gusto, forse è per questo che ti piace così tanto. Gli opposti si attraggono!
    Bellissima comunque!

  • Oh, how I love those swings on the patio. I would curl up in one of those and never leave.

    And yes...handbags are just like cherries, once you have one, you simply can't stop yourself! :)

  • Gaia said:

    @federica...può darsi che tu abbia ragione...non è proprio nel mio stile ma è lo stesso una casa molto bella, il mio sogno e poi tutto serve per definire un'idea o prendere spunto ...rifarsi gli occhi!

  • Gaia said:

    @Cafe Fashionista: I love it too, I wished to have it one when I was a kid...

    bags, shoes, dresses...everything!

  • Gaia said:

    I'd like to swing all day long, maybe I'd finde fresh air, it's so hot today! at least 35°!!! Summer is in Town!