{Go Camping}

Where are you going next summer? Are you planning your summer holidays ?
Well , if you still do not know what to do and where to go, or just to dream about your next destination, why don’t you choose Montana (USA)?

The Resort at Paws Up is an enchanting escape into the tranquility of Montana’s countryside. You can choose between luxury vacation homes or the tents… I’ll go for the tent. Actually I’m not a “camping” girl, I like adventure and on the road trips but not really camping. In this case it won’t be as a normal camp! This is the ultimate luxury tent with all the comforts of a real luxury hotel…

For once in my life I think I can go camp, don’t you think?

  • Thank-you for stopping by my blog and, even more so, commenting. I love this camp-site. Beautiful. Almost safari-like for an aristocrat many years ago even. It takes camping to a new level of sophistication for sure. With that, hope all's well & I'll certainly be back. :)

  • if i could camp in such style and comfort then YES.

    What apretty blog you have!

    Thanks for your comment on mine.

  • Gaia said:

    Camping could be a nice experience to do with family and friends and if you have the chance to do it in a place like this could be wonderful!!!
    Thanks you all for your comment.