Hi Ladies….

finally I’m back! My long weekend (or short break, It’s just a point of view!) has been just perfect… Nice weather, a little bit windy , but sun sun and more sun! The water was freezing but that didn’t stop me and my friend from a jump on it, it was too beautiful for not swimming on it!

Formentera is a little Spanish Island, near Ibiza (Eveissa in spanish) in the Mediterranean Sea!
It was famous in the 70th’s as an Hippy Island (old hippies still live there). In the last 10/15 years it has been invaded by people from all over Europe especially Italians! I know from many friends that visited Formentera before that invasion, that it was a wild Island, there was nothing, just few houses, some restaurants… Lucky for us it wasn’t full of people, we decided to go in this period because we knew if we waited 2 weeks more the Island would be unbelieveble…
Formentera is the ultimate paradise to me… It has been LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT…It’s like to have carabbean sea and beautiful beaches just at 2 hours from home…It’s quite, beautiful, breathless view, no noise, just the sound of the waves, no traffic (only in the parkings because of so many scooters!), nice people (the locals!) The food is good… I’m still dreaming the paella we had in San Ferran at the Fonda Pepe restaurant! The drink are special… Strawberry Caipiroska or a Mojito at the Tiburon at the sunset dancing on the tables….

* uploaded from my cell

This is just an “aperitif” of my pics…hope you like it!!! Please come back to see all the others…

Now it’s about the time to thank you all …

Kary; Mandarine d’Italie (a special thanks to you for that post PinkMania …You ROCK!); Rachael ; Megan and Melissa ; Cammie; The mom @ Babes in Hairland; Jen; Nkp (Head over heels); Angel Pearls; Valerie; My Wonderland; Aubrey; Jennie Bee; Momma; Tricia; Kcalpesh; Zoe’s wardrobe; Alicew; AndreaLeigh; PinkStilettos; Iva; Little room; Lindsey; Alicia….

All of your comments were unexpected and so appreciated!

And to all of you too shy to leave a message! I know you are out there…

see you tomorrow!

  • Iva said:

    YAY!!!! Welcome BACK!! you were missed!!

  • That water could make me forget everything!!! Another place to add to my list. Ibiza is loud & touristy...this is soooooooo much better!!!!
    Welcome home!!

  • Wow!! Formentera, che bello!!Pensavo ti fossi solo presa un paio di giorni away from the computer... invece..... belle le foto e grazie per la tua cara e gradita sorpresa, ben tornata!!!
    Can't wait for more pics...

  • HEY!
    I love those images you are such a good photographer!
    I know what it is like to be in the caribbean (I live an hour an a half away from it)
    The sunset, the clear water, the sound of the waves...

  • Oh what a dreamy place! Gorgeous photos and love that you had such a wonderful time!

    Can't wait for the next edition of your travel recap....

  • Can't wait to see more pics Alice ! You lucky Italians, get to spend the weekend in Spain !!


  • welcome back. im so jealous. you just dont know how long ive wanted to go on a vaca like that. the sand the breeze the quiet. the water, to be able to look out and see blue seas, here if were at the beach its polutied and the water is a clean shade of brown. well im happpy for you. great post!

  • Welcome back home Gaia! I can't wait to see more photos of Formentera!
    Baci patata!

  • Thanks for your visit! Nice pictures from Formatera -seem to be a very nice place!! See you..//Eva

  • Absolutely beautiful! My dream escape, really. Thanks so much for sharing and I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. It's good to getaway (even from blogging) with a good friend. :)

  • Beautiful place and lovely snaps!! Thanks for sharing!