{Nelle Handbags}

Little nice purse…perfect for a special evening out. You can wear a litte black dress and high heels sandals or a pair of skinny jeans, white simple top, flats and that clutches: simple and elegant little treasures.

In 2004 Laura Nelli, fashion designer from Winsconsin, started Nelle, a handbag company focused on creating luxurious handbags and clutches.

I like the yellow one, or blue? Maybe pink? Green? I can’t decide…Can I have them all?

  • These are all so beautiful..I would love to have one just to use on an everyday basis....add something glam to my outfit everyday! Thanks for sharing these...hope you had a fun time on your trip. It sounds heavenly...wish I could have been there experiencing the sun and beautiful water.

  • God I love the second one and the last one!
    They are so beautiful!
    By an hour from the caribbean I meant in Venezuela...
    I truly know the concept you people have of venezuela and it concerns me more than anyone the situation, Chavez is giving OUR money to different countries and giving money to poor people just to win their votes
    Hes just a maniac but I have my spanish nacionality just in case it keeps getting worse, my mom always says we have to move but I dont want to because Venezuela is a beautiful, beautiful contry and the only way to solve the problem is staying...
    Anyway that was hardcore..
    Cute post!

  • i'm not sure if you read my posts about my extreme amount of purses...and my lack of room to store them. anddd you just tempted me. haha shame on you :) those are adorable, really. i'd say green.. ohh, or pink...

  • Crazy about the blush pink clutch.
    That would be the crowning touch on the "little black dress look".
    Gratitudes for the introduction.

  • OH the choices! I can't decide between the bright and happy yellow or the delicate and romantic pink! Beautiful!

  • These are sooo cute! But I'm waiting your trip's pics!

  • So pretty handbags -i preffer the turquoise one. Have a nice weekend//Eva

  • Very colorful and very sharp photos. I sure love the wonderland!!

  • Kris said:

    The pink one (second photo) looks just like a shirt I have. So cute!

  • Gaia said:

    I decided...I'll go for the green!!!

    Have a nice weekend to you all!