{Formentera – Freak Market }

Once Formentera was famous for the Hippy community that lived in this magic Island. There is a little market near the beach where hippies, artist and artisan sell their objects… they all have almost the same things and at the same price. Bracelets, shell-rings, necklaces…

The market is similar to the ones that arrives in the city during summer for the town festival, that kind of place where you go with friends and where you buy things that you won’t never use!!! Don’t you agree?

Lizard is the symbol of the Island… You can find it in sarong, key rings, bracelets, charms…

As you can imagine I did a bit of shopping, not too much but I took back home something that will remind me those beautiful days….

Do you like that kind of market? What souvenirs do you buy when you are on holiday?

  • The fourth image...are those necklaces with the large balls? So colorful. A vision of rainbows that would tempt me but I have learned better...the objects never touched again now in a trinket box, laughing at me.
    Usually I go for something unique, not touristy & something I love or friends love...antique books in foreign langauges, old tableware.. as long as its sold far, far from the touristy spots.

  • I do like this kind of market !!! during the summer season they are many "night street markets" popping up everywhere, they always hide lovely little treasures ...

  • These pictures are so lovely...wish I could have been there shopping among all the colorful wares. Hope you had a fun time.

  • Gaia, I just love your photos! You're right, these pieces do look like things you buy at street fairs and such. When they truly are not that precious on their own, but look so lovely on display, I think the photo is a much better souvenir than buying something I will never wear again. If I do get something, it must be utilitarian...or jewelry!

  • Gaia said:

    Hi girls, You know that you make me very happy! It's a bit hard time and you, with your comment, give me a bit of joy at the end of the day when a I check my blog or when I come to visit you!


    Lindsey: thanks ...pics are the best souvenir and it's good to share them with friends family and new friends!
    melissa and megan: I had so much fun and I come back home so happy...when you visit beautiful places like this it's impossible the opposite!
    unfortunately holidays are always too short...

  • I love this kind of market -full of "fun" things in happy colours!!//Eva

  • Kris said:

    Cool stuff!

    I buy jewelry, clothes, but I probably spend the most on food and drink when I travel. I love to eat!