{Formentera & Me}

It’s time to introduce myself…

Some of you already know me from my blog, you know my taste, you know what I like, you know I love blogging and share with all of you my treasures… For all the other that still do not know me ( and they are a lot…) I’m Gaia, Italian, 34 years old (sigh!!), 1,73 mt tall, 60 kg , long hair… I’m a nice person always there for my friends, I love my family and my love Mr B., I adore my friends.

I’m romantic, i love the sun and the beach. I like wake up early in the mornig, I love spring, blossom and charries.
I could die for chocolate cup cakes and vanilla Ice cream. I like to write and to take photos. I’m happy and nostalgic…

And you? Who are you? Which is your role in this world? I hope you’ll be so nice to share with me one of your good point and one bad point…

  • Iva said:

    ohh FUN!!! (translation: you are almost 5'6''??) YAY! this is fun! VERY VERY NICE TO MEET YOU! :) (well more officially then before) :)

  • I just had to let you know that I'm adding you to my daily blog reading. I fell in love with your pictures and your storytelling.

  • 34? so young! beautiful, beautiful!

    about me? what's to tell?

  • thanks for sharing! love that last pic of you!
    i also love waking up early and feeling like i can accomplish anything!

  • nice to know there´s someone really nice behind this blog! keep going!

  • Cyma said:

    Oh hello :) Nice pictures, your blog is lovely. Me? Good thing is am always "on" so much to do in such lil time, bad thing is, this can drive other people crazy, specially my hubby who is very laidback(read laziest person i know) ;)

    Thankyou for visiting my blog too!

  • I love all the pictures that you shared of your beautiful self! 34 years old? I would have never guessed it.

  • Beautiful Gaia! And I adore your name - it's my little girls name too! Great to know you.

    I love the sunshine and early morning sunrises, but I do not like snow!

  • I love getting to know you...
    For me, hmmm.
    I'm a struggling artist. That's both good and bad.

  • O.k. Gaia!

    Good point? I'm a loyal friend-

    Bad point? Sometimes I am very lazy...Case in point- I should be cleaning my house right now!


  • Hello!
    This is my first time here, so here are good and bad facts about me - you can choose which is which...

    I'm talkative, funny, a little bit loud, loves bling-bling and pretty happy with myself and my surroundings.

    I have very little willpower, so I'll eat every chocolate in the house when everyone is sleeping...

    I found you through Federica at Sweet as a Candy. She has a wonderful blog too.

    Why don't you come visit me as well?
    At sweeterhomes.blogspot.com I have a great contest where you can win a subscription to House Beautiful.
    At sweeterlivin.blogspot.com I have a fun challenge for all bloggirls that like to decorate.

    See you soon!
    Greeting from Norway

  • Gaia
    thank you for tagging me!
    I didnt realize it!
    Ill do the post tomorrow or as soon as everyone gets sick of my last post!
    (I posted twice today)
    You are a sweetheart!

  • You forget to mention you have great legs!!!
    And your 30s are soo much better than you're 20s!!!
    Im actually now almost 43 & realizing its the soul not the number that ages you!!!

  • Thanks for coming by my blogs! I would love to see y our pink furniture - I bet they are beautiful!

    I did see your post about the pink car - left a comment too;)

    You are really a beautiful girl, thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself and this mysterious mr B:)

    Have a great evening!

  • Kris said:

    Hey Gaia!
    Love the personal photos of you. If I hadn't seen them, that's still probably what I would visualize based on your blog! (which means b-e-a-utiful). Age is only a number, it's your personality that matters!!!!

    Let's see, what's one of my good points? I'm creative!

    And one of my bad? I'm cynical!

    However, I do take that cynicism and use it to write creative blog posts. Use what you got! hehe!

  • Gaia said:

    When I decided to publish pics of myself, my intent was not to be declared beautiful or nice or elegant, but just to give a face to a blog, my passion!
    I feel more in confidence with you all...thanks