{Dreamful Lovely}

If you want something new, fresh, unusual and original you MUST check on Etsy…That’s the place where you can find it!

My last discovery (thanks to Mostly Mod) is Plum Pretty Sugar . The designer (I do not know her name…If you know it please tell me!!!), from California, makes Kimono, Cami dress, Tank, Caftan and many more. Beautiful silhouettes in soft fabric in enchanting garden of eden-inspired palettes.

I love the colors of that kimono…I would wear it with skinny jeans and high heels sandal or my blue Melissa

Not only dresses but lounge wear, accessories and bedding.
I love that kind of dresses, perfect for the beach but I prefer it for a dinner out. With a pair of sandal, a lot of bracelet, big gipsy earrings, necklaces and a little clutch…very cozy and chic!

Plum Pretty Sugar is a blog too…Nice!

  • Oh yeah - these are very soft and pretty. I love Etsy, you can find the coolest things on there..

  • Oh my goodness! Thank you so incredibly much for your gorgeous post. It means so much and I'm so very grateful. This girl is definitely a pleased Plum Pretty Sugar :)


  • The lounge wear!!!!! Gaia this is a treasure. Your are the Indiana Jones of style!!!!!

  • Really pretty and interesting designs! My weekend was great. Take care//Eva

  • Gaia said:

    I totally knew you like that designs, it's fabulous.
    see you tomorrow with new post and pics from my last week that it was very busy!

  • Gaia said:

    sorry, I forgot!
    @Alicia. I just love my new nick name

  • Meg said:

    wow! those fabrics scream summertime- great find!!

  • how funny...the designer of this brand just contacted me about selling the brand at my boutique! it's so cute! i forget the designer's name...i will search through my emails to let you know!