{Sleeping Lollia}

Royal Crows Pillow Slips… for all the Lady Queen out there!

Is the second time that I talk about Lollia (here). Not only creams, fragrances, candles and body care, but also romantic duvets and pillows sleep, made of the finest cotton and finished with truly inspired Lollia details.

  • I have never seen Lollia's linens before, but I LOVE them! Thanks for the introduction, Gaia!

  • I love the whole loine its so wistful & delicate.
    Her linen quality is also nop notch.
    Thanks Gaia, I had forgotten about them & I'm in need of new linens.

  • bonne nuit is my favorite :) this posts makes me sleepy and craving my bed :) night night

  • So pretty! And especially appealing on a day like today -- it's gray and dreary, not like summer at all!

    Cute blog!!

  • I absolutely love the 'His' and 'Hers' pillows and might try making something similiar for own bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing.