Fairy tail Nicole, from My teacups in peony, tagged me in her post already few days ago. Sorry I’m late I know it…
If you didn’t know her , you MUST visit her blog, she’ s sweet and she has a very cute face! I love her way to write and tell you histories…

So she tagged me and now I tag you…What do you have to do?

Ok… the rules are:

1. Open your “My Photos” folder and select the 6th folder
2. Select the 6th photo in that folder
3. Post the photo along with the story behind it
4. Tag some of your friends to do the same thing

Two weeks ago, in Versilia, Tuscany, with my boyfriend, Mr B. It’s not very spontaneous on taking pictures of me and I’ve, almost always, to ask him (soon I’ll post some pics of my Mr B) for a photo…
Everytime I’m in Viareggio I feel at home. I live in Bologna , 2 hours away, but I was born there, my dad is there, my youngest brother live there, my grandma, my cousins and aunt. This is home to me. I feel relax and quite, maybe because I connetc beautiful memories to those places.
You know that as soon as we arrive near Viareggio, I can smell the sea and that makes me feel so weel.
well…in the pics I’m coming back home from our tour…this is my new bike, it’s an old one but she is my princess. It was grey and all ruined by the rain, the sea salt. The colors is not the one I chosed ( i asked for a dark blue) but I get used to it, an I also have a Mickey Mouse bell!

Now Fede, Iva, Lindsay, Simply Mel, Nicole Marie, My Wonderland, start to tag!