{Ready for the weekend?}

Weekend to do list:

1) relax, ride my bike, write, take care of my boyfriend, go walking with my mom
2) try to not do shopping at all! It’s better to save money
3) finish my book
4) stay away from my pc (sigh!)
5) try to think to what do do for summer and where to go. St Barth?
6) prepare vanilla ice cream or chocolate or both or whatever flavour!
7) try to not “fight” with anyone…I’m a bit nervous in this period, it happens!
8) spend more time with mya granny!
9) I’d like to go to a drive inn , watch an old movie Goonies or stand by me will be perfect, eating candies and popcorn

and you? do you have a weekend wish list?

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I really hope to read more and more comments when I’ll be back. See you anywhere you are!

Love you all

  • I also will try to not do shopping and safe money...but bäääh,that´s really NOT FUNNY! I love going shopping and I always find things I need?!...*sigh* But I will not stay away from my pc,my boyfried is on vacation and I will have lot of time ;o) Have a nice weekend with lot of fun!

  • Save the money...good, watching Stand by Me..better, time with your family..best!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  • Iva said:

    Have a great relaxing weekend!!


  • Oh, a weekend list..Maybe it's a good tip! I've planned to "just do nothing" at my eagerly awaited vacation. But I have plans: relax at the seashore, a trip in the little boat..Love//Eva