To all my American Girls: …. Have fave fun!!!!!
  • Have a wonderful weekend, too. I made a cake just like that last year for the 4th of July and it was just perfect for a hot summer day in Iowa. :)

  • I am not from USA so for me 4th of july is just a number less in my countdown for Harry Potter premiere!
    btw, I just did the show your heart in post!

  • Thanks friend! We did have fun; but none of my desserts looked like this lovely piece.

  • Kris said:

    Nigella Lawson made a cake that looked like that on a news program here...if that doesn't say Happy 4th I don't know what does! Hope you had a great weekend!

  • Kris said:

    Hi! Montauk is on Long Island, which is an island in the shape of what looks like a fish on a map. It's east of Manhattan. So you'd figure a 3 hour bus/car ride from NYC to Montauk. It's a really low key place, east of the hautey Hamptons. So it's a little more chill and a little less chic. Kind of like Cape Cod in Massachusetts. But that's why I love it. I can't deal with a good portion of the "Hamptonites" and I lived there for a few years! It's amazing in the fall though. That's the best time. The weather is still amazing in September, the crowds are gone and the lodging is cheaper I think!

  • Hope you had a good weekend...the
    4th of July was filled with family, fun, and fireworks.

  • Thanks for asking, Gaia, but we didn't go to any 4th of July parties this year so I didn't make anything special. I actually dread cooking. I just love to dine! It's sort of sad that I have to entertain to go out of my way, actually.
    With that, I was never patriotic until Obama ran for office. He came to our town and spoke during the primaries before he had a big following and I was sold immediately. And then when he won, I was so proud. My husband and I both cried.
    But I don't have a flag blowing in the wind or anything.
    I hope that didn't bore you... :)

  • Iva said:

    you are so adorable!! that is so very nice of you! you are always thinking so sweetly! that looks delicious! I hope you are doing well and that you had a great weekend! All the best to you and your family!