Back from my trip to Formentera ( here, here, here and here) we stopped in Ibiza before to go to the airport.
Looking around, we discovered a very nice store that sell a charming brand Nice Things: Love at first sight. It reflects EXACTLY my style and you know what? It’s not expensive at all and it’s unique and still unknown!

I like all the “playa” style…

This is my fav…Love the one piece and the must have scarf!

Unfortunately we were hurry and we didn’t have enough time to try everything and buy everything.
The brand is spanish and they do not have a store in Italy… so I was thinking that, maybe, that kind of style it would be perfect for my dream store, I know it will be a success, all my friend (Federica will be my first client) will love it!

You can continue to dream watching the catalogue

  • Iva said:



  • haha! The first pictures are pretty and funny at the same time!
    Great outfits

  • Great outfits! Good luck on that dream store... I'll be a customer too;)

    I guess you are back in Italy now? I'm spending my summer in Spain and not doing anything sensible... just relaxing and enjoying the sun! I guess that is what vacation is all about! (I hardly even get to blog... and when I do it's at - my other blog)

    Take care and have a wonderful summer!

    Hasta luego

  • Hope that you had a nice trip...I love these clothes. They too are my style. Thanks for sharing.

  • This brand is cool! I like every single pieces!
    You're right, I'll be your first client! Sure!
    I can't wait!

    Thanks for sharing this brand, as you know, it's absolutely my style!

    Buona giornata!