{Finally at home}

Hi! Here I am! Front , back, side…this is me.

How am I cute?

Are you ready for a ride?

  • What a lucky, lucky girl! Have fun on that sweet little machine!

  • Kris said:

    Yes me me! I'd like a ride please ;o) So cute Gaia!

  • oh you are SO lucky! Just happened upon your blog! I will follow you now! Happy Travels you lucky girl!

  • you will say "hey" to lucilla for me, wont you?
    and no, I havent seen any picture of the presentation yet... but there are some (very bad recorded, even worst quality) videos on youtube!:
    -I was one of the silver-and-black dressed girls on the back -_- ON THE BACK
    really, it was cooler than that!
    (there are three videos that aree the same dance)

  • Definitely. I can see you shooting down the coast all "La Dolce Vita":
    mega sunglasses, scarf around your hair & oh so chic!!!!
    Me..I'd likely look sweaty with bugs in my hair!!!
    Its so cute Gaia!!!!

  • So welcom Lucilla ;o)
    Have fun - you both - and a great start in the weekend! wrummmm... ;o)

  • Ciao Gaia! Grazie per i tuoi sempre dolcissimi commenti! Le dosi dell'acqua alla lavanda sono 2/3 di acqua distillata e 1/3 di alcool a 90° + la lavanda o altri fiori. Deve stare chiusa al buio per circa 20 giorni, poi va filtrata! Oggi per me scadono i 20 giorni...speriamo bene...è un esperimento anche per me!!! Ti farò sapere! Il tuo post versiliese è una meraviglia! Magari più avanti ci vediamo per un caffè!!!
    Buon week end!