{…here I am…}

The past week have been a bit busy and I’ve been in a rush. The weather is good and so hot that it takes me a lot to do everything. When the temperature are getting high my body it’s getting slow and I feel always tired!
however, in the past days I’ve received so many comments and messages and I promis I’ll get back to you all in the next days.

Federica tagged me on her blog and now it’s time to thank her and to tag some of you!

She gave me an honest scrap award and there are some rules to follow to deserve it: reveal 10 unknown facts about me!
Thank you my sweet lovely friend! you know that I love you!

It’s hard because I’m shy and I’m not good on talking about me but here are my 10 secrets (they are not in order of importance):

1) I adore my family and my friends , but that’s not a secret. My mom is my everything and it will be forever. I’m very protective with my two brothers. I’ ve lost my dad 2 years ago and now he’s my guardian angel. He thought me everything I know. I miss him so much and I still feel so terribly sad. He’s always on my mind. Whatever I do I think what he would think about it. He will be happy for me? he will be proud?
I don’t have so many friends and the few that I have are the best I could ask for.
2) I’m a shopaholic and my favs purchases are clothes and shoes. I love dresses and flats for summer season and I adore little coats and boots for winter season. It’s a period I’m in love with accessories too: bracelets, earrings, scarfs, hairbands …
3) I’m a good person, nice, gentle, funny, a good listener. If I like you, you can be sure I’ll be honest and I won’t treat you bad. If I don’t like you, you’ll be the first to know that, I can be such an @]{#@]!!!. I like to party but I like to stay by myself too. I’ve always so many thing to do.
4) Mr B… He’s my boyfriend. It’s 7 years, 6 months, 5 days and few hours we are toghether and he’s my life. We are planning our life toghether, children, home, and I really hope to get older with him. I don’t see my future without him. He’s smart, nice, gentle, honest, akways at my side when I need him. I love you!

5) I love to travel. I wish I could do it more than I do. There are so many place I’ve already seen and so many more I would llike to visit. My dream is to do the trip around the world. 6 months away from home doesn’t scare me! I will have the chance to visit the States, Australia, New Zeland, or India too.
I like road trip the most, but I could stay in a resort for a week where the only thing to do is to have drinks on the beach!!! The most important things is to TRAVEL….
6) I’m afraid of speed…car, moto…I’ve always that feeling to foll down!
7) I’m a good cook (my friends say that) and I like to organize dinners with friends. I always organize a christmas dinner with my girls and now the christmas dinner chez moi is THE appointment to go every years! I don’t like to iron but I’m good in all the home cleaning.
8) I’d like to open my own store. I have the project and the ideas on how it will be on my mind. It will be a mix of what I like: clothes, home furnitures, body care, stationery and many other things.
I’d like to have also a B&B.It would be so beautiful!
So many dreams and a long life to live!
9) Gewurztraminer is my fav wine. In general I love white wine and champagne!
10) I’m not a perfect person, I’ve lacks and defects but i’m working on that!!!

It took me a lot to do that list!!! Now one of the rule is to pass that award to some of my friend. It always hard to pick some of you so I decide to change that rule and give the award to all of you!
I can’t wait to read your 10 secrets!

p.s. those are the first pics with her!!!

Have a nice beginning of the week!!!!

  • Take your time & take care of yourself. You know we'll all be waiting for you happy whenever you return!!!
    Perhaps a cool bath with fresh mint steeped in it will help.

  • I love your list & trust me...you're a great lady!!!! Ironically we have a lot in common obviously not Mr B but I must tell you I love to drive a bit faster than some but not crazy!!!!
    One day either on your shores or mine we'll meet for vino & shop for shoes togther. I have too many pairs but theres no such thing as too many shoes!!!

  • You and Mr. B are the cutest little couple! Here's to wishing you many happy years together...and growing old together!

    Love the photos of the Vespa!

    And when you make it to the states, you must visit ME!

    I was just tagged with this same award, so I guess now I have to work on one - yikes!

  • Such a great list. Denis will be so glad!
    You look amazing on your new vespa!
    See you later darling!

  • Kris said:

    Fabulous list! And you look so good on Lucilla! ;o)

    ps I tried the Gewurztraminer. YUMMY! I am working on another wine post for tomorrow with some of my weekend finds. This one is most definitely on the list!

  • Gaia said:

    Thanks ladies! Hope really you'll do your list it helps peple to know you better!
    Let me know!

  • Hi Gaia
    Yes, I will be travelling to Italy next Monday - we fly to Parma, then drive on to Bardi (which is where my in-laws came from). We will stay a few days and then drive via Lucca to Florence for a few more days.
    I can't wait!

    Love reading your list and thank you so much for your comments on my blog :)

  • What a great couple you two make - cuteness!

    And I agree with you on loving family and friends. It's good to know that your father was awesome, even though you only had him a short time. A part of him will always be with you.

  • Iva said:

    this is so beautiful!! I love that you said " It's 7 years, 6 months, 5 days and few hours we are together and he's my life" WOW!!so beautiful, so sweet, so loving.

    You are so sweet! Have a great night!

  • I knew you were sweet and kind already. It shines through your comments and in your blog. Your father probably had something to do with that sweetness. :)
    And speaking of your blog, you should consider following your dream and opening a boutique! Your style is fabulous. As is your vespa. That is one slick shot of the two of you in it's mirror. Cheers to you and your beau. Hope all's well. ~heather

  • Adele said:

    wow! 7 years! (: I love that you are still so in love after this long! and thanks for popping by and commenting (; see you around! xx

  • Here's my list...since I tend not to do tag postings on my blog.

    1.I am terrified of heights.

    2. I never thought I would have a child (not because I couldn’t but because I didn’t see one fitting into my lifestyle) – my beautiful, sweet, perfect daughter proved me wrong!

    3. For seven years, I worked as a veterinarian assistant in a spay/neuter clinic. It was one of the best jobs of my life, and I learned so much about life (and death) from the animals, clients, doctors and co-workers. I’m still best friends with many of them.

    4. Almost every penny we save goes towards traveling. We are gypsies at heart. Instead of an IRA, we travel.

    5. I miss my family in Georgia very much, but I also love being 3,000 miles away from them too!

    6. My degree is in Child Psychology.

    7. The love of my life walked into my world on February 14, 2007. I received my sweet little pug as Valentine’s gift that same day from another man to whom I was engaged to be married. The love of my life convinced me that our souls belonged together. Engagement broken. The love of my life, little pug, and I have lived happily ever after since…

    8.I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was in elementary school. Basically, I should be considered legally blind.

    9.I don’t watch television.

    10. Being born and raised in the South taught me the importance of respecting your elders, saying please and thank you, yes sir/ma’am – no sir/ma’am, and smiling at everyone you pass. I do miss the sweetness of Southern Hospitality.

  • I loved reading more about you. I great list!!

    I say GO FOR IT and open a boutique!!

    Saskia xx

    PS Thanks for the comment - we're going with the green-grey colour!! It will be so nice!! I do know TOAST - a lovely shop!!

  • Susan said:

    wow, what a wonderful list :) I love the ones about your family! great pics, too :)

  • Hi Gaia. thanks for visiting me and your kind comments. I came at the right time to learn a little about you! You have a wondeful blog and of course I love Italy , so will enjoy coming back for more visits, Ciao Julie