This afternoon, I spent few hours with my friend . We decided to go to the pool cause it was really hot (38°) and so we did. We went at the manege where she has her horse and where there is a little private pool that means no crowd and peace and quiet!

She ride horses since she was 10 years old. Sometimes I go with her but I have to admit that I prefer to see them from a distance.

Aren’t they cute? I know Federica would love them!!!

I had a very relaxing afternoon, far away form the city. i think we will probably do it again tomorrow!


  • My best friend owns three horses and loves to ride. I prefer to just pet them and look at their big big eyes. Reads like a wonderful day, really. I wish we had a pool in our backyard. Often. :)

  • Love those beautiful horses and cute little kitties! I would be in heaven there...

  • looks like such a fun day. i love horses but i agree with you.. they are better at a distance :) have fun tomorrow.

  • Okay thats way too hot!!! I think if not the pool tomorrow then perhaps a getaway to Oslo or Stockholm...:)
    I love horses but I love cats more!! Hailey is horse crazy so guess who gets to go riding...yup me.
    Thank you for all the sweet words about my poem. I agree that you learn from pain but thats past it. I remember living it & feeling like nothing would change.
    Remember pool or go North!!!

  • Bucca said:

    Awww looks like the perfect way to spend a day! Love horseriding and swimming :) great blog xx

  • Iva said:

    WOW! looks like such a sweet day. That pool is beautiful. I love horses...the last picture of that horse close up is just stunning, he/she is such a beautiful color{I want to come visit!!!} and those kitties...awww so sweet. I am so happy you had a nice time with your friend! I always love seeing your pictures, you always take such great ones!

  • I have a thing for cats...great afternoon...while I was working you were there...good girl...

  • Amy said:

    That sounds like a lovely day. I really like the photograph of the rakes and shovel and the brown horse below it.

  • Gaia! Looks like you had a spectacular day. Both the kitties and the horsies are so precious and beatiful! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Your blog is beautiful. Please keep it up. I look forward to seeing Alice pop up in my google reader.

  • Susan said:

    wow, a private pool- what a great thing to have! :)
    lovely animals...
    have a great weekend, xoxo