{Forte dei Marmi’s Market}

Forte dei Marmi or “Il Forte”(I’ve already talked about it here) is a very nice place in Versilia. Every wednesday and sunday take place a lovely Market in the main square. It’s considered the place to be and to visit if you go to Forte dei Marmi.
Woke up early in the morning, at 8 o’clock I took my bike and went to the market…

It’s not a simple market where you find economics stuff, this is quite the opposite. Fine porcelaine, soft furnishings, kitchen accessories as cookie cutter, wrought iron’s objects, wicker basket (very popular and elegant!) …

I heart espadrillas!

amazing dresses and fantastic ethnics jewels!

…. at the end of a very hard morning of “shop-watching” (I had been a very good girl!) I really deserved a good cappuccino and a fabulous pastry…

The rice pudding (on the right) is simple to made and very good for the palate. I don’t know if it’s something special made here but I didn’t find it anywhere else!

There’s nothing like home!!!
  • Iva said:

    this market is so beautiful, so many lovely finds. I love those mugs! Great colors, and the cookie cutters are wonderful! AHH REAL OLIVE OIL!! YUMMY!! The espadrillas look so comfortable!! I wish I could have some of that rice pudding! looks so delish!

  • I'm coming too! Promesso allora, a settembre organizziamo weekend, trovero' tantissime cose per la casa!

  • Sounds it was a great day?! I love such kind of markets...Wish you a beautiful weekend! geisslein

  • So many goodies, so little time! The photograph of the sun shinging through the white cotton blouses and shifts is just so pretty, Gaia!I wish I could find an open market where I live...sigh...

  • Kelly said:

    this market looks fantastic! i would be lost there for hours just looking at all the pretty things! you pictures are amazing!

  • Susan said:

    wow, that's fantastic! early morning in the market... that's how a great day starts :)
    I wish we had similar markets here...
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  • Gaia said:

    I'd like to have you all here at the beach!
    Thank you

    Fede ...dovremmo trovare un mercoledì alcuni banchi non ci sono alla domenica! Organizziamo!

    Simple Mel...whenever you want!

  • This would be a dangeously fabulous place for me to spend a day in. So many purchases, so many yummys!!!!

  • i could certainly get lost in that market! how fabulous!

  • Però, anche riguardado le tue foto, devo dire che l'estate è decisamete migliore!!!