And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high….

I’m packing ‘cause I’m leaving with my boyfriend to my summer house in Tuscany and we will stay there for the next three weeks. My family (mom, brother with girlfriend, brother, granny…) is already there. The house is complete, no “zimmer frei”. I’d love to have some others rooms for friends that I’d like to invite but we are a big family!

I’m hoping to do a short trip but I still do not have any plans. Maybe a road trip to France or to catch a last minute flight … who knows.

It’s always very diffcult do prepare luggages. I begin with few things and then I add a dress, a shoe, another dress, underwears, swimsuit, sandals, shorts and shirts, bags, 2 beauty-cases, books, my pc, my camera, all the battery charger, my ipod… I

I know that I’m a bit exagerated but, first of all, I’m a woman so it’s normal to have more than a luggage (or not??) then I like to have all my things around me when I’m not travelling around the world!

In my imaginary (luckily it’s still possible to use imagination to travel around the world!!!), my perfect summer would be to rent this house in Provence with some friends.

We would spend time visiting nice little vintages and looking for antiques and brocante…

Then a jump in the pool before dinner…

We would eat out and stay there till late talking and laughing…


Then I’ll fly to Paros for the last 2 weeks of August , just in time to enjoy the last days of Summer and “charge the batteries” before to begin a new season in the city back at work and at the daily routine but with something new on my mind!

I have a very big immagination…I know! But wouldn’t be a great summer?
Which are your immaginary plans? And the real plans? write me what are you going to do in the next days, I’m so curious!

I’ll come to visit you, maybe not daily, but I will. I canno’t miss any of your beautiful and inspiring posts and I’ll continue to update my blog .

My dear friends, my ladies, I’ll be back to you all very soon, I’ll write you and I’ll visit you…

I wish you a terrific summer!

Love you!

  • Enjoy and indulge dearest Gaia!

    I wish you a wonderful vacation, and do know that I would love to join you in any of these fabulous locations!

    Bon voyage!

  • Have a wonderul vacation.

    My perfect vacation is a summer with family in a villa in Tuscany or Umbria. One day perhaps


  • I hope you have fun on your holiday....the houses that you showcased are breathtaking. I would love to live in these.

  • Much, much love, laughter, great food, music & happiness for your vacation!!!
    Im off next Saturday for 2 weeks on the coast of Georgia & South Carolina to spend time with Grant & Hailey. Beaches, historic citiies, rest & relaxation.
    My imagined one would be never ending tour of the world...

  • Happy holidays Gaia (I am not sure if my comment got lost before) - you will have a wonderful time wherever you are, xv.

  • Susan said:

    whoa, you are one lucky girl! :)
    love the images, too.
    have a great time, xoxo

  • What a gorgeous blog you have! I can't wait to spend some time getting lost, it really is a wonderland!

  • My St Tropez Tan, Kafthan and bikini are begging me to take them out, but the Melbourne winter won't come to the party. Am currently fantacising about summering in a Greek Island or laying on the beach in Koh Samui.