{Finally … back!}

Hello ladies, good morning, good monday good back to work!

I’ve so many pics to show you about my holidays, just give me the time to prepare it and I’ll post everything for you!
I had a very relaxing summer, read a lot of books, swim a lot, visit antiques market and beautiful little villages (next posts will be about it). I still have another week and I’m going back to the sea. It’s just 2 days I’m in the city and I’m feeling already sad and blue! But I have lots of ideas and projects to think about, I only need to find the way on how to start!

Autumn is at the door and new collections are in the shops… I love Hoss Intropia and I was waiting for the new collection.

What I love the most are their dresses, feminine and unique. Fantastic fabrics, elegant pattern and soft shapes.

They have large men’s pants to wear with high heels, cardigans or little jacket…

Love the coats…

and all the accessories…

The testimonial for the winter collection is the lovely beautiful Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann the daughter of Italian actress Isabella Rossellini. Her maternal grandparents were Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini. Whit such a background…

During her time at college, she began a modeling career. Her first contract was for Bruce Weber for Abercrombi & Fitch. In addition, she has also modeled for bill Blass and Ferragamo and for the fashion magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and many more. In 2006, Elettra was named the face of Lancome, representing the global brand in print advertisements for skincare.

Elettra is also a co-founder of justonefrickinday.com, a non-profit organization for special charity projects around the world.

She is beautiful and particularly committed to good causes…she’s perfect!

I really wish you a fantastic monday!!!