{Unexpected Gift}

It’s almost 1:00 o’clock in the morning…Renata, my oldest brother’s girlfriend, is just come back from Paris and look what I’ve got? My firts Lomo…. It’s the Fisheye and she bought it at Colette one of the coolest place in Paris… It was a desire since I’ve discovered the existence of this fantastic camera…
What’s a Fisheye Camera? The world’s only 35mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens! It sees a sweeping 170-degree view – compacting everything around you into a compact circular image.

It seems to be really easy to use it but I’ll let you know after my first films! I accept all the advises you can give me…Please HELP ME!

I’m so excited to use it and I’ve already decided which one will be my next Lomo!
I really hope to show you soon my first works!

have a fantastic week…

Aren’t amazing the unexpected gifts? do you remember your last unexpected one?