{Nice Things}

In the last few years Spain become very important in the fashion industry. Everybody knows Zara and Mango and the other famous brands Hoss (absolutely my favorite ) and many many others.

I love fashione and I always look for new brands, unique clothes, less commercial, but nice and (if possible) even less expensive with a romantic and feminine touch, that reflects exactly my style and I’m sure your style too!

Lately, when I was in Ibiza (you can see it here) I “discovered” a new spanish brand: Nice Things. I adored the summer collection and now I’m in love with fall/winter collection.

Take a look yourself too….

The collection follows 4 main themes:

Eco Friendly

Folk… bright colors and “funny” clothes…

Wool spirit… warm and soft….

Queen line… for all the queens and princess…

For the complete catalogue check on the web site

I’ve already decided what to put on my wish list and which is the style I like the most…
What about you?

Have a fantastic wednesday!

  • Amy said:

    Very nice things! I like the Wool spirit and the Queen line best.

    P.S. Photo classes are a lot of fun. I want to take some more soon.

  • I love the folk style and the Wool spirit..Queen line also sounds right..I believe my autumn will be a mix of all different kinds.Have a great day//Eva

  • That's a nice shop! I didn't know it!
    Thanks for the comparison of my garden with the secret garden!!!
    Happy new day!

  • Poppy said:

    Thanks so much for commenting my blog. I did just adore the movie. The soundtrack was just fantastic and what costumes, I thought kirsten dunst looked absolutely stunning. I just adore you style, thanks for sharing.

  • I am happy Spain is doing so well with the clothing and shoe industry (I am Spanish ;O)) and I have to agree, those clothes are so pretty and especially so wearable!
    Have a nice day! ;O)

  • Kris said:

    I'm liking Ecologist and Folk... but the wool is fab too. Eh, can't decide!

  • I love the folk & wool lines...

    if only I had more money to spend on clothes!!

    Saskia x

  • Mela said:

    Adorabili queste foto! e poi i marchi che includono anche l'abbigliamento per bimbi sono sempre molto divertenti

  • Gaia how is it that you always know what I will like!
    I think this is my favorite post of yours and that is a lot!!
    I miss you dont you like my blog anymore_

  • Very cute, very nice! I wonder what it would be like to live as a fashionist and an ecologist?

  • Ciao Gaia! In effetti l'autunno è arrivato solo sul calendario....meglio così, no??? L'inverno è così lungo...godiamoci il sole ancora un po'!
    Happy week end!

  • What gorgeous, whimsical, beautiful collection! Thank you for sharing this with us - I love it!

  • I love your blog and the photos from this post!!! Happy Blogging!!!

  • I Like the style and i also like your blog, it's really inspired me a lot.

  • Darling this is a great post, so full of lovely photos. Your blog is divine, I love the mello colours and the overall look of it simply speaks of class...it is unique. Have a great weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  • Such great fun pics, the clothes look great! Thanks for the link, Hope your having a sweet weekend! x

  • Ciao Gaia!

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog, nice to hear from you:)

  • Bells said:

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