{Long weekend in Pictures}

It’s Sunday evening and I’m back at my pc. Right in time for a new post about the last days…

Last thursday I decided to go back to Tuscany to spend few days with my family and to enjoy the last days of sunny and hot weather. I love beach in September. No crowds, no screaming children all over, the sea water was clean and freezing.

To me Tuscany is like heaven, it’s my medicine when I feel sad and blue and when I have some worries I look at the sea and I feel calm and quite… It has the power to change my mood in a very short period, it’s therapeutic…
Don’t you think?

I need the sun and the sea as the air to breathe!
I read my book ( I’ve almost finished the last book of the Twilight series, I adored all of them and I can’t wait to see the next episode “New Moon”), I listened my favourite music and renewed my tan…

I come back to Bologna on Saturday afternoon because I had a dinner chez Federica. She did an housewarming dinner with all of our friends. Before, me and Mr B., we went for a walk and we had an aperitif just the two of us. He wasn’t with me in Tuscany and I missed him too much!

Federica and Giacomo (federica’s boyfriend) did an awesome job on how they decorated their little love nest! I know that most of you know her and her blog and you know what I’m talking about. It’s very very pretty and delicate. The main features of the house are : soft colors and a particular attention to details, a romantic touch with a french inspiration, warm and bright. It’s cosy and welcoming. I really like it!!!

They set the table and put candles everywhere. The dinner was great as well as the chats with my friends. We had a very nice

The were also the boyfriends… they are just not in the pics! Thanks Patata! (it’s how I call her Potato!)

Then , today we went to visit Mr B.’s relatives for lunch. It was his granny’s birthday. They live in the country where I had the chance to see magic transformation of fall. Beautiful colors and still warm and sunny! It’s like what people call Indian summer…

We spent the afternoon at a vintage faire where, unfortunately, I couldn’t take any pics, and we ended the weekend with this fantastic sunset!

… and that’s all for today!

Before to go I have to thank you for your comments and emails! Thank you ladies…I’ll be back with answers and commenst to your blogs really soon…Be patient!

A particular “Thanks” to Elle for the awards she gave me…

Thanks so much Ellen for your kind words….

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7 things you don’t know….
1)I hate to drive
2) I don’t like orange colors
3) I don’t like 80’s Fashion
4) I’d like to live abroad, NYC it will be the best!
5) I’d like to write a book
6) I’d like to organize weddings from A to Z
7) I like to laugh

I decided to give the award to some of my recent discoveries… Pixel wild child, Modern Prairie Girl, the Bottom of the Ironing basket, Lanalou, Beauty Comma, La Marquise des Anges, …sending postcards

That’s all…Kiss&Goodnight!

p.s.: what have you done?

  • Grazie molto Gaia!

    You are very kind, thank you so much!

    Simone :)

  • Beautiful photos, Gaia. Tuscany is gorgeous! I just wish I didn't live an ocean away from it! :)

  • Lana said:

    Thanks Gaia! What a great start to the week!! And your blog is amazing too, I'll definitely be following!:)

  • Such a sweet post, thanks so much "patata" for these lovely pics and words. Look at my face! Aaahhhh! I'm so glad that you have all enjoyed, I made that dinner with lots of love.
    The next one will be for Halloween!

  • For you:
    Muffins with ham and cheese
    250gr of flour
    200 ml of milk
    2 eggs
    50 gr of butter
    100gr of ham
    100gr of emmental (or other cheese)
    50 gr parmesan
    1 baking soda

    Mix eggs with milk and melted butter.
    In another bowl, combine flour, parmesan, salt and baking soda.
    Now add diced ham and diced cheese.
    Mix all ingredients together, mixing gently.
    Fill muffin cups about to 2/3 full. Bake for 15/20 minutes at 180°.

  • what a gorgeous weekend! federica's home looks amazing too! oh i wish i could go to tuscany for a weekend. unfortunately my weekend was not nearly as beautiful! just some movies at the house, and a friends wedding, nothing too fancy :) have a great week love! oh and congrats on the award, you are definitely "kreativ!"

  • Seem like you had a really lovely time -at the beach (getting some more nice tan!) and together with friends -that's good! Love//Eva

  • Very nice pictures, especially those of Tuscany... I have been several times in Italy but only once I had a swim! ;O) It is nice also to see you had such a great weekend, mine unfortunately was kinda boring! :OP

    Thanks a lot for the blog award!!! you are lovely! ;O)

  • Kris said:

    What a great weekend! I too, love the beach in September for all those reasons! This weekend was busier than usual. I went for walks in parks, took a boat ride (the ferry to staten island), then took a wine and pasta class yesterday. I'll post about that tomorrow, but today I've got some recipes from the "inspiration" over the weekend!

  • Kris said:

    What a great weekend! I too, love the beach in September for all those reasons! This weekend was busier than usual. I went for walks in parks, took a boat ride (the ferry to staten island), then took a wine and pasta class yesterday. I'll post about that tomorrow, but today I've got some recipes from the "inspiration" over the weekend!

  • What a lovely weekend for you! Tuscany's beaches look similar to ours here in Yanchep. Beautiful! I love the way your friend has decorated her home. I've been decorating this weekend, too. And today we went to a fair, but I also have no photos because I left the memory card for my camera at home! Wendy xxx

  • Amy said:

    I love the beach and sunset pictures. I went to a park on Friday that is right at the end of an island. There is no beach but just being by the ocean makes me so happy. My friend has a home there and I am so jealous she can see the water all the time. Maybe someday I will live by the water. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

  • Ciao Gaia! Anch'io adoro il mare...specialmente fuori stagione! Che bella cena da Federica! Ha fatto davvero un ottimo lavoro con la sua nuova casa! Congratulations on your award!!!!
    Happy new day!

  • I wish I could be near the ocean right now...Beautiful pictures!!! Have a beautiful week :o)

  • Sid said:

    You live in Italy? Ugh I was there for a month and didn't venture out to the ocean. Kinda hate myself for that.

  • What an amazing weekend! Tuscany looks gorgeous! And I agree with you cant wait for New Moon to come out, the Twilight series is my favorite book series!

  • There's nothing quite like a meal shared with good friends! And Tuscany wouldn't be half bad either! Loving that sunset and the blue blue ocean. I hope you are well, Gaia. It's good to be back. I always love your blog. :)

  • I've always wanted to go to Tuscany!!!! I love, love your photos. I hope you have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by coeur de la and leaving your note about fresh spices and your sweet hello!!!!

  • What a wonderful few days you've had recently!! A completely LOVELY post and photos.

    Federica's home looks fantastic and it looks like the housewarming party was so fun!

    Saskia xx