{Etsy favourite store of the week: Trampoline}

Thanks to Dionne and her amazing blog, I always discover unique things, new bloggers and new etsy stores. One week ago she wrote a post about Trampoline, an incredible etsy store.

The only information I have of the owner is her name, Kim, well known as Ethanollie, and her profile description. She wrote :

“my name is kim. i’m an art lover. i like to look at pretty things. i like to create. i like to commit, to obsess, to change my mind. i’m a mama to an amazing 5 year old. i decided to take a leap of faith… WELCOME… to trampoline! Female, Born on September 3”

Just few words to describe a great talented person. If you want to know something more about her and her etsy store , please visit Dionne.

On her store you can find old vintage items, polaroids, fabrics, furnitures home details… It’s better if you see with your eyes what you can buy…

Set of Vintage Play Balls
Scalloped Milk Glass Hobnail Bucket

Antique Tapestry Rug Fabric Yardage

Vintage Kodak Brownie Flash Six 20

Leatherleaf… (Set of Antique Botanical Lithograph prints)

School Spirit…Vintage Felt Pennant

and many, many other more items to buy!

If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

  • Yay for Trampoline! I am blissfully in love with this store, her taste is impeccable. And so is her amazing photo styling. Lovely!

  • Hey I wasnt offended by the fact you asked me my name dont worry!
    Its just here its not considered paranoia to go to the bathroom to speak with your blackberry...
    and I cant belive people outside Venezuela still think chavez is a saint!
    cool post I think that if they didnt tell me who post it I would have known its you!

  • more pretty objects!

    oh! and also I love love LOVEEE Breakfast at Tiffany's, but I'll talk about this on my next Movie Post, that's gonna be about characters, and mostly, Holly Golightly.

    I really like the visual part from Lost in Translation, but I find slow and boring, maybe too much, even for Sofia Coppola.
    My favorite movies have to either have characters I adore (Juno, Holly Golightly,... ah! you'll see on my next post!) or the whole package of visuals, soundtrack and plot,

  • Amy said:

    There are lots of great things in her shop. I really like how she photographs the items too - like little still lifes.

    I am participating in the photo swap. I'll let you know when we did and when the pictures are up.

    In the meantime, I started a new series today. I'd love for you to do it. I want to post pictures of what people see out their window. Please say you'll send me one. :)

  • it's one of my favourites shops too. your blog is just gorgeous... thank you.

  • Nice shop indeed, I really like her polaroid collages, so pretty... ;O) Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautiful objects and beautiful images! Will go there presto! Happy week! OX Monika.

  • hello there...thanks so much for all your kind words (you too dionne)

    i love keeping shop as much as you love visiting...