{Another short weekend}

Another weekend ended… Tomorrow is Monday again! We all would love to have longer weekend to do all the stuff we can’t do during the week but, if they were longer don’t you think they would be as a normal day of the week?

Isn’t one of the characteristics of the weekend? They aren’t short but we always feel that Saturday and Sunday “fly away” really fast and they have the same 24 hours of monday or thuesday! We would like to have more time because we enjoy every single moment of the weekend…

The weekend is dedicated to clean the house and do the shopping to “refill” the refrigerator but also to meet friends, organize short trip away, dinner out, a movie or whatever we can’t do during the week because, then, the day after we have to get up early to go to work or to take the kids at school!

The holidays have the same problem… Always too short!!! Isn’t it?

I love weekend because I’m free to dedicate most of my time to what I love: bake, photos, friends. The rest of the time is all for Mr. B… We are looking for our first house, so we’ll have much more time to spend toghether!

Today is his birthday… we had a lunch with all his family at their home in the country, where I took all the pics! I love the country side and this year it’s seems that the leaves are much more colored compared to the last years or maybe it’s just me that pay more attention on it!

Foggy day today, magic atmoshpere but the colours aren’t bright as they are supposed to be!
Fall has all the colours I love the most, purple, green, yellow, brown in all the nuances…

This is Ettore, a black labrador! It’s a tornado!

Yesterday evening we celebrated by our selves with a dinner. I gave him his gifts that I bought after a difficult search! We have everything and after almost 8 years it’s hard to surprise him with a special gift! Fortunately, he loved everything! I didn’t bake a cake for him… He doesn’t ate cakes… He’s a sportsman and it’s very very strict with food… Lovely boring but it’s why I love him!

so… how was your weekend! What have you done?

I almost forgot to tell you that WE MADE OUR CHRISTMAS TREE. We have to finish to decorate all the house and soon I’ll show you some pics!!! I know you think we are crazy (yes we are!) but every year we start really early to enjoy the three and to “smell” the Christmas Atmosphere that lasts not for so long!

Christmas makes me so happy!!!

Have a great Monday!

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  • The photos are stunning. I completely agree - weekends are THE BEST and should definitely be WAY longer:)

  • yes christmas makes me very happy to and in so many different ways for so many different reasons! its such a great time of year!! i just relasied thoughm while reading about your tree that i will not get to decorate a tree at all this year as my family celebrates chritmas at our beach house which i will not get a chance to visit before then and i fly home late at night on xmas eve. that makes me a little sad:(

  • Kitty said:

    do you make an alice tree? i do! catch it on my cabbages and kings channel! great pics of trees, btw! xo kitty

  • Susan said:

    love these shots, darling! it must have been a gorgeous day there!
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  • I love Christmas, too. It's so jolly and romantic and whimsical.

    And Happy Birthday to Mr B! I LOVE your photos here, so pretty!

  • That is so pretty!!!
    were they shot by you?
    if so, youre a wonderful photographer