{Emotionally Speechless…}

… yes it’s true! The pics, the clothes and the model left me totally without words…

Love the colored tights and the opposite of that shoe of a contrasting colour!

What do you say?

Nadinoo‘s collection…A unique clothing label, where each style is carefully designed and handmade by British designer Nadia Izruna.
You can see her entire colection here and here (she’s defenitely my etsy favourite store of the week!!!) or you can follow her blog

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  • Iva said:

    omg!!!! GAIA!!! it's all too beautiful for words! I love it all!

  • Kitty said:

    All great looks! I love what she's doing with tights! xo kitty

  • i love it!!! such fun combos that i would've never thought of but it flows so naturally :) good find

  • oo yes i love these dresses and the model is stunning!!! also i left a comment on your getting a tattoo post :) x

  • Kelly said:

    oh man! all of those pieces are DIVINE!! such a great find, girl :)

  • Beautiful! I made a post about it few months ago, beautiful collection.
    I am ready to order, and you?

  • Oh my word I LOVE this!!! I've just favourited her shop... amazing designs. I especially love the second to last dress...


  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE It!! My closet needs those dresses :)

  • Amy said:

    I LOVE these! Love the colored tights too!