Skona Hem is always inspiring me and if you love nordic style ( and not only!) or simply you love stylish and unique homes, this is the right place for you…

Today I found this amazing home

In this period, I’m looking for my first apartment and I’m “visiting” and studying home decor magazines, your blogs and website to capture ideas!

I love this parquet…

I think it will be impossible to have a kitchen big like this but dreaming it doesn’t cost anything!

I have already some ideas for my “perfect” home:

* Bright colors … white in all of is variants but also bright grey, lavender…
* Particular attention to details; lots of pillows, candles, fresh flower some photos, books…
* Personalize… I see so many things I like, because they are objectively beautiful, but they doesn’t reflect my and Mr B personalities. We know what we love and we won’t be influenced by fashion… we don’t love “à la mode”. Fashion come and goes…I cannot change the furniture once every 6 months! I’d wish but I can’t!
* Old and “recycle” furnitures;

This is just the beginning… I’ll tell you more once we’ve decided!

Any particular plans for this weekend? I have already decorated the Christmas trees and the rest of the house so I’m doing practice with my sewing machine, I’ll make new headbands (if you are interested in write me at [email protected]), I’ll cook for a dinner with friend this evening, maybe a tour to Ikea tomorrow…still don’t know!

And what about you?

Have a great weekend. Love you!
  • those photos are LOVELY! i love how clean and crisp everything looks but how soft it all is too... not at all hospital like in it's pureness. i want my house to be like that... hopefully one day it will be.

  • Susan said:

    oh, wow, amazing!
    j'adore all white.
    have a lovely day, darling.

  • Dreamy and Oh so LOVELY!!! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!! XO

  • love the furnishing!!
    Id love to spend some time there on a vaction or something...
    today is monday mondays sucks!!

  • This would have to be my perfect home too. Beautiful. Thanks so much for your well wishes.

  • Such a lovely little home. I love anything antique and rustic looking. And I love the floors!

  • Kris said:

    love the work they've done with that wood! so pretty