{Homemade Christmas decorations – Kris}

In the last “episode”

I’ve opened

… my Christmas Giveaway contest…


1) be a follower;
2) send me your pics about your home decorated for christmas, your tree, the entrance of your house, a table….whatever! with a description about your ornaments and what are you going to do for Christmas, an history…
3) just one entrance each;
4) leave your e-mail address;
5) Vote…

The winner will be chosen by you voting the one you love the most (or if I won’t receive any vote (SIGH) I’ll choose the winner randomly (www.random.org) ).

The game start now and end 22th at 1.00 p.m (Italian time)….From the 24th till the 6th of january you can vote your winner…

KRIS , from Behold the Metatron, is my first “guest”…

She has a very interesting, useful, adorable and yummy blog . She’s from New York (my Wonderland!) if you are planning a trip to the Big Apple she will give you interesting advises to live the city as a real Newyorker and if you need a wine or a receipe she’s the girl you need…

She did a great job… she send me a descriptions for each pics!

Here starts the visit to her apartment… I hope you’ll enjoy it!

“Here’s a look at the Christmasy decor in my apartment… I did simple things like stringing garland around the tree. Arranging candles with twigs and berries. Taking the trimmings from the tree and creating green arrangements with holly and other xmasy things. Simplicity is key”.

This picture shows what is on my bar! A little placement of a glittery candle, some holiday wine, and 4 red wooden cubes that spell out NOEL.
This arrangement just includes an interesting candle holder, holiday red candle, white xmas lights, a holiday arrangement with pine cones and other greens, and a long (synthetic) holiday garland.

Here is the areal view of my candle arrangement on the coffee table. The candles actual have WOODEN WICKS so they crackle like a fire. Perfect for my little 1 bedroom in Manhattan!

This picture show yet another arrangement I made with the left over tree trimmings. I also used some of the left over branches with gold glittery holly as accents within the arrangement.
This is the bottom view of a candle arrangement on my coffee table. I have here large candles and small glittery tea light holders, which are all packaged together with branches that have gold and glittery holly attached.
This is a close up picture of an arrangement of left over trimmings/branches from my xmas tree. I just strung beads/garland around the arrangement to add some color.

Here is my xmas tree. 60 US dollars plus a tree stand in Manhattan! It stands about 4 feet, and is sporting white lights and holiday garland made of gold and red beads.

This is a close up of the tree. I love lying down and just looking up into the tree. Reminds me of my childhood!

Thank you Kris for sharing with us your decoration… Now it’s time to go. More apartment to visit (hope so!)


I still have to decide the Gift for the winner…. In the next days I’ll post it …

Tell your friendS to participate or to vote for your entrance!