{Merry Christmas&Lots of Love}

Christmas is finally arrived… I’m so happy I cannot describe how much! I did my last gift today, called my friends, written some emails …

After a months of run, gift, bake, cookies, panettone, packages, works, ribbons, homemade decors, dinner with friends, candles, snow Christmas eve is here!

I’m still on a hurry, I have just few minutes left and then I’ll be closed in the kitchen helping my mom to prepare dinners and lunches…

This evening is “Eve” and for traditions we do not eat meat… I’m in Tuscany with my mom’s family and then I’ll visit my dad’s relatives after Christmas. I’m a bit sad for many reasons but I won’t bother you ‘cause it’s time for joy and laugh, smile and happiness!

Usually we exchange gifts the 25th… When I was little me and my brother prepared milk and cookies for Santa and my mom placed all the gifts under our tree and in the morning the milk and the cookies were gone. We do the same every year even if we are not kids anymore…but it’s a tradition…

Now it’s time to say THANK YOU… you made my year, you helped me when I was down, Ive met so many beautiful people and in the future I know I will meet so many nice blogger/friends that are out there… thanks for emails , comments, awards, gifts… This is a thank you to each one of you. I’d love to say it personally but distances doesn’t give me that opportunity… Maybe I will meet some of you soon …

I wish you a very nice Christmas, with your family, friends and all of your beloved…

  • Iva said:

    Merry Christmas Gaia!! May you have a beautiful holiday season with your family and loved ones!!

  • Susan said:

    happy Xmas, darling! your tree is beautiful.

  • Merry Christmas for you - hope you wll have a wonderful time with all you love!

  • Oh Gaia dear!
    I wish you the best christmas ever!
    sounds like a googd christmas doesnt it...

  • nevin said:

    My dear Gaia,

    Merry Christmas and happyyyyyyy new years.. With my love from Australia..

  • Beautiful images, the cake is a traditional fruit cake using gluten free flour, I will post the recipe at a later date, the houses and top were made using roll on icing, I used royal icing for the snow.
    Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog, May the happiness of the holiday season be yours today and always x

  • Ciao Gaia! La tua casa è uno spettacolo vestita a festa!!! L'albero è una meraviglia! Spero tu abbia passato un buon Natale...in ogni caso ti auguro un nuovo anno meraviglioso!!!

  • Hello there!
    Im glad your christmas was that beautiful!
    and thabks to you too, your tags have made my day several times and your comments have been beautiful

  • Sarah said:

    La tua casa è qualcosa di stupendo! E le tue foto sono sempre più belle! :)