New year is just around the corner, I’m writing you now ‘cause I know that tomorrow I won’t be able to wish you Happy New Year and everything you wish for yourself!

Thanks for everything, you’ve been amazing and I hope to ” see” you all next year!

I’m grateful for everything I had , beautiful, bad and sad things… Life is beautiful, anyway!
I have a lot of ideas and many projects for the 2010 and I’m so excited to do everything I’m dreaming to!

Tomorrow evening I’ll spend the day to my friend’s house eating terrific food and drinking good wine with a very nice company!. I’ll celebrate the end of that “so and so” year with my Mr B., my love the one and only.

What about you? ANy plans for NYE? Project for the future? Answers you are waiting for? Hard decision to take?

I really wish you the best!

(p.s.: I took the pics of the snow one week ago, it was amazing, so poetic and it looked like to live in a fairy-tale. Now it’s all clean but it’s still freezing)

Love you all