{A saturday out…}

My first post of the new year! How are you ladies? Have you celebrated and welcomed the new year? I’ve begun with a nice lunch with friends on saturday and you? What have you done?

Two of my friends Elena and Daniela, that live in Milan, come to visit us. I took them everywhere and even in my fav store “La Cappelleria Trentini” to meet Gloria, the owner and my friend.

We had lunch in a book store… It’s one of the biggest store in town. 3 floorS , a coffee house, a wine bar and a restaurant. We decided for the wine bar ‘cause, after so many lunches and dinner during the holidays, we didn’t want to start again eating and eating! So we order a bottle of wine, ham and cheese and we talked and exchanged christmas gift…

4 girls, 3 cameras, lots of dots scarves, 1 bottle of wine…

New obsession!

I’m taking a break! I’m leaving for London and I’ll be back in one week. I cant wait to be in the city. I’m so excited!!! I’ve a list of places I’d love to visit , museum, restaurants, stores… I’ll take lots of pics and I’ll show you everything as soon as I’m back!

See ya ladies!!! Have a nice week!

  • Happy new year, darling!
    It's not only the first post of the year but of the DECADE! and it's all so exciting (our children will call this the 10s!)
    Hope you get a blast at London! I aready envy you ;)

  • Happy new year lovely Gaia! Can't wait to see all your pics from London including everything you brought with you in heavy suitcases! Ox, Monika

  • lucy said:

    Happy new year! Hope you had a wonderful time out with your friends!

    Have fun in London!

  • Bells said:

    Happy New Year lovely Gaia! and beautiful pictures as always.
    Can't wait to see your take on my home town - let me know if want any more suggestions of places to go although I am sure you have lots already.

  • Thank you for your lovely comment*
    About the posts, London is indeed one of my favorite cities ever, i just feel that some part of me belong there, so i hope you have a great time there! I also loved the previous post and the pictures you took. It all looks magic!

  • Kris said:

    So excited for you! I adore London. Actually lived there for a few months. I could live there again and again! Have a great time! Make a queen's guard smile for me! ;o)

  • Cyma said:

    Happy New Year Gaia and hope you have lots of fun in London. Thankyou for your support, for your sweet words and for all the inspiration in 2009 :)

  • Kris said:

    When you get back, come to my blog and pick up your awards!!! :o) Look for the post on 1/4/10. Ciao!

  • Feliz ano nuevo! your photos are lovely! What camera do you use? have a great time in london!

  • wow! how exciting!
    hope you have a great time in london and that you make those funny hat wearing soldiers laugh
    happy new year

  • Happy New Year darling!! I hope 2010 brings you everything you wish for.

    Wine, ham, cheese, warm atmosphere and laughing with friends = a perfect afternoon :)

    Have a FABULOUS time in London!!

    Saskia xx

  • happy new year, gaia! hope you have a fabulous time in london. love those polka dot scarves.
    xoxo, giovanna

  • Looks like a cute little spot to meet up with friends!

    Have fun in London!

  • happy new year, love! your photos are super cute, especially the polka dots :)