{De beaux souvenirs}

Claire Rougerie is the author of “De beaux souvenirs” (nice gift , in english), a studio of home’s creation made in iron wire and antique and old materials. Her studio is in the loire valley in south of Tours and Saumur. So if you are around , you better ask for an appointement!

Inspired from the past, but with a modern touch , she creates lamps and a lots of simple decorative objects!

Everything she does has a typical French allure, the allure that you cannot create or buy but you born with that and the French are the best in this. Think… from a simple iron wire she create poetic nostalgic objects.

You can find her unique and fascinating “treasures” on her Etsy boutique.

She an artist, She’s a poet … She doesn’t use a pen or words, she just use iron wire … The results is magnificent!

I have a question for you… Became an artist, a creator was Claire’s dream …

My dream is finally to do something on my own and I’m working on that!

What about you? I’m leaving with that question… I’m going to Milan and I’ll be back on wednesday… ‘till then take care and write me I’ll get back to you soon! Have a great weekend!

Love you girls!

  • Susan said:

    how lovely! off to her shop.
    have a safe trip & lots of fun.

  • Kris said:

    You are Miss Traveler, Gaia! My dream is the same as yours... and I'm working on it too. ;o)

  • nevin said:

    My dear Gaia,

    these are stunning. I just love it.

    Have fun in Milan! I love Milan! I been there 2 times. And I can't stop missing Milan..

    Love and hugs from Melbourne

  • Oooh, how lovely. What pretty work, and good to hear that she's following her dream! And also that you are following yours!

  • Gaia dear, hard to catch you - you are traveling ALL the time! (: Good fun!

    I can't draw to save my life so anybody who can create art with wire gets 5 stars in my book!

    Come back safe, friend!

    OX, Mon

  • My immediate dream is to finish me MA thesis :) but i have the dream of travelling with my B around Europe, and then meet other continents. I also want to do volunteering with people in need. I have the dream of having a big family to gather on Christmas night, many children laughing with joy and fun. It must seem a little old, but i also want to get married with the one i love, someday. And to build a home together.
    Finally, i would like to writte a historic novel someday ^^

  • Like these poetic objects! Dreams..well..dreams are good for everyone, even if they don't come true..Love//Eva

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  • Kris said:

    Hey Gaia!

    I have a giveaway on my blog. stop by when you get back!

  • Lana said:

    Hope you have a great time in Milan! In the meanwhile I'm passing on a blog award to you!


  • Congrats on your award from the Duchess (this is how I found you)! I love these decorations - Oh how to choose which one I would want - all so lovely!!
    Cheers, Karen

  • Amy said:

    Hi darling,
    I love these whimsical wire pieces. The birdcages are my favorite. I'm working on the same dream too. I hope we get our wishes soon. Hope you had a great time in Milan.
    xoxo, Amy

    P.S. Thanks for the birthday wish! Come visit I'm doing a little handmade project, I think you'll like the idea.

  • I am one of Claire's biggest fans

    I have one of her wonderful lamps ...
    she has a wonderful vibe