{Steve McCurry}

Steve McCurry is an American photojournalist that at the age of 18 started travelling and taking pics. As wikipedia said he is “…best known for his photograph,”Afghan Girl” that originally appeared in National Geographic magazine…”

In November I went to a “vernissage” dedicated to Steve McCurry that was in Italy to present his latest book and for the opening of his exhibition. He’s one of a kind. It was the first time I had the chance to meet an important photographer and he didn’t disappointed my expectations. It’s a great person, not only as a photographer but also as a human being. He showed his famous pics telling us, for each pics, the story of the shoot…

I didn’t know him but I knew his work, his pics and especially the one of the Afghan girl with green eyes, Sharbat Gula. I know for sure that many of you don’t associate the person with the famous photo, but I’m sure that all of you know that pic and the story behind it (a video, at the end of the exhibition tells all the story about the pics and about the search of the girl after 20 years from that shoot).

I had the occasion to visit the exhibition while I was in Milan this week. Near Piazza Duomo, more or less 240 pics (taken in 20 years 1989-2009) to narrate a trip started 40 years ago. The South-East (the name of the exhibition) of the world is an history of life, faces, lights, colors, landscapes.

He visited Afghanistan, India, Tibet, Birmania and many others places among the poorest of the world.

The pics are amazing, fantastic, magic, powerful … I could use all the best adjectives I know and It won’t be enough.
I was delighted from the set up that helps the visitor to feel and live the pics and to understand what they express. Lights, shadows and the pics hanged in the space let the visitor to move among faces, colors in a timeless world as an interactive trip.

5 infrered lines on the floor define the 5 main themes of the exhibition: “the other”, “joy”, “childhood”, “war”, “beauty” and also 4 short sections: “Aids”, “Monsoon”, “Portraits” and “Arms and connection”.

Steve McCurry has won the World Press Photo Award twice as well as the Nobel Prize of Photography and you will understand why from this exhibit.

You can follow Steve McCurry on his blog. Some pics are really strong! Be prepared…

I’m going back to Milan to visit again the exhibition with Mr B. because it deserve more than a visit and because I don’t want my love to miss a one time life experience.

See you tomorrow! I’m back with my “Etsy favourite store of the week”… My next guest will be Kris… Don’t miss it!

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