{Food and Travel}

One of the things I love the most when I travel it’s to try “new and different” food (I won’t never ever eat italian food abroad! Never, trust me!) and to take it home with me as a souvenir from the place I’ ve visited.And so i did even from Nice…

French are fantastic in making breads, chocolate truffles, pastries. They have amazing “boulangerie” that sometimes are so elegant that it’s look like to enter in a boutique that could be Chanel or Dior.

Pierre Hermè is one of the most famous as well Ladurée well known all over the world for his little “diamond”… the Macarons!
Pierre Hermèe



I bought some Jeff de Bruge pralines that are like a drug, you can’t stop! Ther’s a nice little store in Nice where we bought boxes of truffles of different taste!

The bread… the most famous is the Baguette (french are famous because they use to take the baguette under their arm!) but they have a huge quantity of different tastes. We bought a “pain sportif” and a raisin and apricot bread to eat for breakfast toasted with home made orange marmelade!

Isn’t it perfect as a saturday breakfast?

Girls don’t miss my nest “Nice Ville Episode”… much more has to come… Spice, flowers, vegetable, Antique market…

I wish you all a very happy weekend! Any particular plans?

P.s. the pics are fuzzy ‘cause my new Macro Lens! They should be (and supposed to be) like this…

  • Ooooh - these treats look so amazing :-)
    I'm starving now .... so think I'll spend my weekend feasting!

  • Mmmm, those chocolates look so tasty! And I love the brown and teal packaging. Very pretty.

  • Wow thanks for reminding me that I live Macaroons!!
    theyre so prettyn and colorful
    I'll ad those candies in the things I should eat before I die

  • I love trying new food as well when I travel. I agree, you don't get any better bread or chocolate than in France! That bread and jam looks heavenly, and the truffles *sigh*

  • Kris said:

    Love the look of the new lens!!! And mmmm chocolate, perfect timing for the 14th!!!

  • Oh wow. These all look so decadent. You and I share the same heartbeat - for food and photography!

  • oh, your post made me hungry now ;o)
    have a great start in the new week!

  • Amy said:

    Oh, someday I will try those macarons. Your photos look lovely. I like the little blur and you make everything look delicious. Hope you have a wonderful week! xo