{Valentine’s Sweets}

The best way to celebrate your beloved is to bake a cake for them. I think this is one if the best way to show to them how much you love and you care.

In some of the London’s most amazing bakery everything is ready to celebrate Valentine’s day.
Fortunately I’ll go back to London and I’ll have the possibility to taste all those sweets even for you!

The cupcake will be the “King” for valentine’s day… It’s a miny cake covered with flavoured frosting and decorated with flowers, hearts, chocolate chips…

Sweet Thing

Primorose Bakery

Choccywoccydoodah …. decadent chocolate cakes!

Arent’ they amazing!

Have you ever baked a cake, a cupcake or whatever to somen you love? What?

Thanks to “My favourite Things” for her Sunshine Award…It’ s an honour to be in sucha beautiful list of talented blogger!

  • Kris said:

    Hmmm, I think I will bake this weekend! :o)

  • I'm an avid baker, so I bake for every body! So much fun sharing sweet treats with friends, family and even the post man or dry cleaners!

    Love the last images of the decadent cakes!

  • Don't give any to me! They would be gone in 30 seconds - all ten of them!

    Enjoy your upcoming Valentine's weekend, Gaia Dear!

    xx Mon

  • They all look soo yummy!
    I've made a big pink cake last weekend and it was delicious!
    Enjoy Nice :-)

  • Susan said:

    wow, you are really talented! fabulous cakes :)

  • Lana said:

    These all look sooo pretty!! It's my friends birthday on Monday so I had planned on baking some cupcakes for this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!x

  • Amy said:

    Oh these looks so good! I'm thinking of baking some goodies today.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. You are a good friend too and I love everything you do. Have a great Valentine's weekend. xo