{Nice Spanish Things}

I have already introduced you to one of my fav spanish brand (here and here) and I’ve already told you how much I love it! In those last years Spanish fashion’s brand conquested me for their freshness and timless collections. They are up-to-date with a romantic touch, very feminine but not too “corny”.

Nice Things never disappoint me…

Every season the have more than one collection to satisfy all the woman. Little girls, teenagers and womans of all ages!

Simple, classy and elegant!

Colored and fresh new collections with lots and lots of accessories to embellish your wardrobe…

Flowers, roses, dots, nice pale colors for the romantic (but strong) girls!

Red, white and blu … perfect for a classic style without give up to some frills!

You can download the catalogue to read about and to see more pics of the new collection!

Trust me if I’m telling you that even the price of those clothes is perfect… Unfortunately I don’t know where to buy it in Italy and they don’t have an e-shop !!! This is the only defect Nice Things has!