{Preppy Winter}

One more months and will be finally Spring… I need warm temperatures, sun, blue sky and all those beautiful spring clothes you see on store windows and on the page of the fashion magazines…

Till then, I can still talk about winter even if it will be next winter. I’m a fashion lover and I can’t not talk about Milly!

Very feminine, young with The french allure! Infact, Michelle Smith label (she’s the founder/designer) is influenced by her past experience on workingin France for Hermès and Dior…

I love colored tights!

A girlish collection with a particular attention for details…

… clothes for all the pretty ladies of the Upper East Side of the world….

“I was really inspired by the films of Jean-Luc Godard. The women dressed in a lot of navies and reds and bold colors like that, and it seems really fresh and modern right now.”(Michelle Smith)

  • I love this collection -- a little bit French, a little bit Blair Walforf.

  • Wow... those are so pretty! I happen to love preppy style... (but am an old fart mommy) so I think if the skirts were shorter I would have to invest! ;)


  • What's not to like! Feminine and chic! And what a lovely vintage store you wrote a post about. I would so have loved to visit that one with you! (You better go back and find out the name!) Happy week dear! Mon

  • I was at that show. It was SO fun. Loved the fabulously girly vibe!

  • oh i love the dress at the very top right! the skirt detail is so fantastic i wish i had some formal affair to wear something like that!