Fiona Cox and Lizzie Thornton-Allan opened Cox & Cox in 2001. Their idea was to create a catalogue full of beautiful and different products that you don’t usually find in the normal marketplace where all the things are, most of the time, all the same.After 9 years of experience and passion, research and joy they keep their initial idea to be honest with whom believed in it since the beginning.
*full catalogue*
Spring is coming and those nice candles are perfect for your outdoor…
Cox & Cox is a infinite catalogue, a big “mall” but with all the comfort of the shopping online, that means no stress, no queue, no confusion, no heavy bags to carry home! You can find everything you need, like this gorgeous piece of furniture,
a unique and unusual gift Mother day’s or for Easter…

After a freezy winter you need to take care to your Garden, so … Voilà…
*full catalogue*
The product selection has a nostalgic and retro feel and take “… inspiration from childhood memories, but with a contemporary twist.”This is the part of the catalogue that I prefer (and my wollet knows it!): ribbons, stamps, cookie cutters, paper tissue …
*full catalogue*
I’m helping my friend to organize her wedding and the wedding catalogue has been very helpful. So many ideas… Sky lanterns, hand-made place card,
*full catalogue*Your kids have their own stylish and fun products! Toys, Union Jack Rag (OMG!),
*full catalogue*
*full catalogue*
Alright… I’ve decided what to buy, put it in my virtual “trolley” (that’s comfort) I have only to checkout but I think I’ll do it tomorrow… Night is helpful to think, maybe I’ll add also those 2/3 things…Nighty night…

  • paula said:

    oh my, love it all. I am so ready for gardening and the images only make it worse, ha!

  • The ribbons and kid's stuff has grabbed my attention! Thanks for the intro...

  • Oh my godness, I was looking at the catalogue yesterday! I was searching for ideas and inspirations! The wedding catalogue is full of pretty stuff!

  • Ciao Gaia,
    ero convinta di essere tua sostenitrice da molto tempo..e invece solo oggi me ne sono accorta...
    OK da oggi lo sono e non mi voglio perdere neanche un post!!!
    Bellissime queste foto!!!
    Buona Giornata!!

    Daniela "Dream Shabby Chic" Milano

  • Lo adoro... Sai che mi sembra incredibile trovare qualcuno così simile a me?! oggi pomeriggio voglio vedere coa mi sono persa i questi mesi, anche se soo convinta che forse qualche volta ero già capitata qui. Purtroppo non sono una blogger molto capace salto come un ape da un posto all'altro e non ritrovo la strada! a presto

  • I have never heard of cox & cox, but I love everything. I wish I had known about the wedding catalog this time last year. :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Gaia,
    you're blog (and you!) look so cool.. I love it
    Thanks for the lovely pictures
    Have a great weekend

  • Jaime said:

    So many beautiful things here! :)

    Happy weekend

  • Kris said:

    I adore those lanterns. I want to get them for my apt!! haha

    ps my blog address is now: beholdthemetatron.com


  • I love every single one of these pretty goodies. Such lovely colors and styling.

  • Oh no Gaia, dear.... I have a feeling that this is going to get exepensive. Shall I thank you for the source - or not!!

    Happy new week, friend! Ox Mon

  • Oh gosh, this could be dangerous, do I dare look at the whole catalogue?? They probably don't send to Australia anyway, so I might just have a look... Wendy xx