{Une belle maison…}

St Martin de Rès, a corner of paradise, is the location for this fantastic home photographed by Jordi Canosa.

A simple entrance hide a typical french elegance characterized by rich chandeliers, soft colors and beautiful vintage furnitures.

Mauve, grey, withe and soft neutral colors are the palette colors of the entire house.

Big furnitures in the kitchen to contain glass domes, beautiful dishes and glasses. I’d love to have it in my little tiny kitchen!

The dark grey parquet is more common in North Europe than in French houses but it’s perfect with th contrast of the decorations. Big rooms, very bright and light thanks to the big windows that surround the house.

Big sofas to receive your friends…

The main bathroom, mauve and grey… Love the bath tub and the pictures that cover the wall…

The bedroom, maybe a little too dark for me, but comfortable!

And the swimming pool for the summer months! What could you ask for more?

Wouldn’t you love to spend a weekend in this house! I wish I could!

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  • Tres belle maison!
    Gaia, Elisa from Decora tu Alma asked me to tell you where her giveaways are, if you go tot her blog you will see 2 banners on the left that say REGALOS, those are the giveaways :)
    Hope it helps xoxo

  • Oh my goodness! What a sight to behold, I absolutely adore this amazing home and the dining room is spectacular!

    Amazing post my friend!!


  • Ah how utterly stunning! A beautiful place indeed!

  • ah ma sei italiana..o sai l'italiano!?
    questa casa è meravigliosa, da sogno!
    ora cerco di capire come si fa a partecipare e provo a fare tutto!grazie

  • sioux said:

    mamma ke spettacolo! impeccabile! favoloso il contrasto degli infissi, il parquet scuro con le pareti mauve, uno spettacolo e la credenza gigante in sala?!?
    da perdere la testa....

  • ciao Gaia!!Il negozio è a Prato, ma tu non mi sembri il tipo che si scoraggia: sei una girellona e questo negozio è davvero bello.

    p.s.Nasce accanto a babylon bus donna (assolutamente da vedere ma di livello abbastanza alto :( io sono abituata male mia sorella lavorava per gucci ed avevo molte agevolazioni... adesso ahime!!!)

  • It is a wonderful place to live indeed! I especially like the bthroom and the swimming pool, wow! maybe in my next life when I will be "rich and famous" :O)

  • I adore this home. The neutral color palette is so lovely, and I love the elegance and simplicity! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong country. I should have been French. :)