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This is my granny! She’s fantastic and I’m not saying that because I love her but because that’s the reality. She will be 85 the 27th of March and I want to celebrate her because she’s very important to me. She tought me how to make the best Apple pie!!!

Mirella, her name, is a strong woman and she’s always has been. She raised two little girl when she was 40, after the death of my grandpa and she took care to the family business.

My granny was a antique dealer and she had also two action houses.

I remember the days spent on her stores. Touching everything, smelling the old furniture that arrived from all over the world with her teaching me the name, the period, the material of all the objects. I feel so melanchony when I’m thinking about it!

She quit her job less than 10 years ago and she spend her time cooking, readind, doing cross words and with us! We don’t live in the same city, but I try to visit her the more I can!

She’s a great cook…Her pie, her vegetables, the soups are unforgettable, a pleasure for every senses!

I like to stay with my mom, my aunt ( my mom’s twin) and my granny. It’s like 3 generations spending time all togehther, sharing ideas, lots of laugh and talk.

This evening , after dinner, my granny decided it was time to give to me all the things she put aside for me during those years.

“Now that you have your own home you need all those things, you can have them all, but be careful treat them in the right way, wash by hand the tablecloth and iron gently. Do you want me to wash everything?” what she said!

Rich linens, embroidered linens and towels, antique tablecloths and her glasses collection, what I love the most!

Depression glass or christal… Little domes, little pots…

She made me so happy and maybe she didn’t even know how important this it for me!

More than a jewel , more than everything. She told me everything about all the glass….
“This was your old granny’s pot”, “I remember I used the tablecloth when your mom and aunt had been baptized”…

This is the perfect gift for my new home! I can’t wait to get in and start my new life with Mr B.!

I love you granny!

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  • your granny looks so good for her age! and all those goodies she gave you are very pretty. Lovely post :)

  • Gali said:

    You grandma looks amazing! Sounds like she's an incredible woman.

  • che meravigliosa eredità... Anche se con una donna così avrai ereditato anche molto altro... Il gusto per esempio?!

  • What an amazing woman!
    You are so lucky to have her around and to get such meaningful gifts from her!

  • Gaia! Love this post..and your Granny- even if I havn't met her in real..You get good adwises from someone with long experiance of life..Take good care of her, and your relation!! Have a great day -Love//Eva

  • elisa said:


  • She looks lovely! And what a treasure trove of lovelies she has!

  • Amy said:

    Hi dear, you are so lucky to have wonderful granny like that. Mine passed away when before I was born and the other when I was 3. I wish I could spend time like that. You got some wonderful treasures too. xoxo

  • Ciao Gaia
    la tua nonnina è assolutamente glamorous, proprio come te, eh ..lo stile è di famiglia mi sa!
    è bellissimo avere degli oggetti con una storia ; sono sicura che la tua casa sarà magnifica. Baci, Flaviana

  • Iva said:

    your nonna looks fantastic!!! beautiful indeed!

  • Susan said:

    happy birthday to your fantastic granny :)

  • Kris said:

    Beautiful! Happy Birthday to the lovely lady!

  • Mannaggia a te che scrivi solo in inglese! ;D

    Ho usato il traduttore e sono riuscita a capire il succo. Sono venuta a scuriosare anche io questo post perchè ero sicura che avrei scoperto nuove cose di te. Infatti così è stato e sono stata felice di averlo fatto.

    Certo, lasciamelo dire...ma che culo! Tua nonna ti ha regalato veramente dell cose splendide, non hanno prezzo. Bene, sono felice per te.

    Allora un bacino anche alla nonna :)

    A presto,