{Neutral Inspiration}

Thanks to Samantha, I’ve discovered this amazing home decor web site. Restoration Hardware.
Do you know it? It is worth a visit if you don’t…

They are presenting their new Spring collection, characterised from a neutral palette color used in all the rooms and even for the garden furnitures.

Big sofas, lots of cushions, lamps…

In the garden, comfortable like at home!

This is the color (only the color) I’ve chosen for my home. It’s a row color, like ecrù (a shade greyish-pale yellow or a light greyish) that could be perfectly mixed with grey, mauve, lavender and a pale green.

The furnitures gives a cozy aspect to all the rooms. Look at those two bed? Aren’t they amazing?

Now that I have to decorate my house I find so many inspirations from you and from all the beautiful blogs out there. I’ve already decided the palette color I’ll use. This afternoon I’ve received my paints and I’ve started to make my furnitures… I can’t wait to finish everything!…

Samantha, from The Nest has a very interesting blog… Go visit her!

  • Hi Gaia,
    thanks for mentioning me.
    Freezer paper is kind of like greaseproof paper but is waxy on one side. You basically cut out your design then iron your paper (minus the bits you cut out) onto your fabric and paint through the stencil. When it's dry you simply peel the paper off and your design looks great - it's so easy. I managed to get some in a quilting shop but I have seen some on ebay - good luck!

    If you need any more tips just let me know.


  • Thanks for your visit Gaia. RH is a fantastic store and I only wish they shipped to Australia...oh, maybe thats a good thing. Samanthas blog is great and so nice of you to link to her.
    Take Care,
    Ness xx

  • I love that store! That and Pottery Barn as well :P I don't have my own place yet but every time I walk into these stores I wish I did!

  • Hi Gaia, I couldn't find the Giveaway...maybe I need some instructions. I clicked where it says Easter Giveaway and came this psot about Samantha. Am I right then?
    Let me know..thanks and I love what you are doing for Easter. Beautiful flowers too!
    Li:-) Happy Easter