{Feeling happy…}

Finally the weekend!

It’s almost 2 weeks that I’m working non stop all day long to my new house!
I don’t feel tired, just a bit stressed maybe but not tired ‘cause it’s really something that makes me happy! So, to me, the weekend won’t be relax!

As I’ve already told you, I’ve chosen the palette color for the entire house… A bit of white, a bit of grey (2 greys) and a bit of ecru all over! The office/2nd room will be more in the shade of ecru, the striped curtains are made in linen as well as part of the pillows!

I’m doing almost everything I can with the precious help of my mom: paint, sew, fix old furnitures, create my pillows, the curtains, think to the disposition of the furnitures and organizing the move!

(my mom’s hands)

Mr B is very helpful almost in all the bureaucratics matter! I’m the “artist”, more creative and he loves how I’m working and how I’v trasformed the old wardrobe in a new sideboard or the bed in a sofa!I will show you everything…promis!

Those old buttons will fill my jars!

This is the old sewing machine I use! It’s my granny’s ! I have a modern machine too, but the old is fantastic! i’m not as good as my mom, she’s more accurate that’s why she does the dirty jobs, like to sew by hand ! I’m not good at all!

(photos by me)

So, my weekend won’t be relaxing but I’m too happy to complain about it!

I’m going to Tuscany to celebrate the Queen of My Heart (in the pics she’s the one with the red lipstick) ‘cause it’s her birthday and to take chairs, lights, fabrics, and more things for the my nest!

Have a great weekend ladies! I look forward to hear how are you, what will you do, any particular news! Write me I’m happy to read your nice comment!

p.s.: my giveaway it’s just postponed!

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Love you … just the way you are!
  • You continue to create such beautiful blogs. I love all the images too...Love this post.
    Emily from EL Vintage


  • Hello Gaia! prima di tutto faccio gli auguri di buon compleanno alla tua charmantissima nonna! e auguro un buon weekend anche a te,sarà di lavoro e non di relax ma ne varrà la pena... scoppio di curiosità per la tua nuova casa ma ti pare normale ???
    baci, Flaviana

  • Verrà uno spettacolo! troppo curiosa!! io poi la vedro' di persona!!

  • Ahhh
    Thank you so much for posting about my giveaway!!!
    You are too kind!!
    I can't tell you how much I love Kimberly's print, that I won from you. I have it in my living on my mantle. It is the perfect pop of color in that room!
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    Take Care,
    Thank you!

  • Sono davvero curiosa...con una famiglia così creativa e con così tante braccia all'opera sarà davvero una casa bellissima...Le piccole anticipazioni promettono davvero bene!tanti auguri alla nonna che ormai è il nostro mito...

  • ma quanti "davvero" ho scritto... Scusa ma ho un sonnoooo...baci

  • Aron said:

    impressive photos! I'll look forward to seeing the final results!

  • i love your pictures :) i love watching design shows too.they always make me wish i had a fresh palette to work with! enjoy it!

  • Anna said:

    Ciao Gaia,
    emozionante leggere questo post!!
    Mi piace seguirti, trovo il tuo blog una vera ed eccezionale rivelazione...grazie!!
    Felice settimana, Anna.

  • Lana said:

    I love the pic of all your old buttons! Have fun decorating, looking forward to seeing more pics!