{Back from Sweden with love}

White, grey, brightness… Those are the first 3 things that come immediately to my mind when it’s about interiors and homes in Sweden and in general in North Europe.

Large windows all around allow the light to inundate the house.

They know how to perfectly decor all the rooms. They don’t fill every corner. They don’t overwhelm the spaces with furnitures. They let breath the walls, not covered entirely with painting (that is more a french or english characteristic!) .

The white floor is something that make me crazy! Large wood board in a vintage/shabby style it’s my favorite ever!

I think they are great in details, they give strong personality to the house using amazing details. Can you see the swing hanging in the middle of the living room? Isn’t it funny?

Ok , they can do it because they have big rooms but I think they would do their best even in a tiny studio!

Wouldn’t be great to spend the weekend doing nothing but reading, have dinner with friends in a cozy place like this?

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  • Nikki said:

    I love this house! I wonder if I could find the plans anywhere? Probably not. I'll just drool for now.

  • Hi Gaia, thanks for the comment and I can't wait to see your cabinet! I'm sure it will look amazing.
    I would love to participate to your giveaway. I will check it out to see what do I have to do!
    Have a wonderful Easter!
    Love, Li

  • Kris said:

    I would allow a Swede to decorate my small ass apt ANY day!

  • I would definately love to spend the long weekend hanging out at this beautiful house with my loved ones! xx

  • Lovely - well of course! One of these days I will show you around in Stockholm! The city will love you!

    Cyber hug, to you my friend.

    ox Mon

  • Oh yes, it would be great! The living room and the kitchen left me breathless.

  • Mi basterebbe passare un pomeriggio in quel meraviglioso patio..ma hai visto che panorama ?
    Splendidi gli interni!
    xo, Flaviana

  • Really gorgeous, I loved every picture, especially the last....I'd like to be there.

  • Susan said:

    oh how I wish I could leave for a place like that and enjoy some relaxing free time...
    have a fab day, darling.

  • LOVE this style! love this post!
    Wish you a great start in your new home and a wonderful and funny weekend!

  • Kelsi said:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE this house! It kind of makes me feel ashamed of all the furniture, paintings, decorations, etc. that are in my apartment. Simplicity is much better than an overcrowded room, so maybe I need to downsize.