{Oh La La … }

Bonjour Les filles…

I’m always so excited when I’m back from France (and you know already that! here and here). I love almost everything: food, flavours, parfumes, atmosphere, antique market, and that thing… I cannot explain what is it ‘cause is something that you feel and it’s impossible to explain.

The colors, the lights are different and also the temperature!

This time was special. Very short but very intensive too! Me and Simone my oldest brother left on monday morning to join my mom and Jonatha (the youngest bro!) that they were already a Nice. We had to solve some family question over there and we wanted to spend some time all toghether. I loved every single moment we ha a lot of fun we laughed, ate, walked a lot!

This is what Nice is for me…

Wicker bags to go shopping,

Big windows with colored shutters,

Colored walls,

Beautiful roofs,

Croissant for breakfast and a bike to visit the city,

Fresh fruits and vegetables,

Little cute lavender sacs for the wardrobe to have the linen always fresh and with that characteristic and unmistakable scent…

Fresh Lilac plucked early in the morning,

Clear tourquoise sea,

People sitting at the sun during their lunch break…

(*photos by me*)

Did you enjoy the tour?

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