I love beautiful photos. My passion for photography is growing day by day. Since I bought my Canon (almost a year ago) I’ve reached the decision to became a good photographer.

I’ve always loved beautiful photos and I’ve always been envious from people who was able to fascinating me with a photo.
It was love at first sight. I use to use my daddy’s camera. He had an old Canon, not digital, very difficult to use. Then I bought a Minolta, when I lived in San Francisco and then I had few small digital cameras before to arrive to my “best friend” 450d Canon!

I know I won’t be a professionist of photography but I want to increase my knowledge on doing beautiful photos… Or at least to try to take some good pics.

At the beginning I looked for a course to learn how to make beautiful photos because I thought it was the right thing to do. Then I started reading books about photography and then, at the end, I’ve realized that the better thing to do it was to take pics everyday and everytime I could. It’s true that you need to know the techniques, what a diaphragm is, the meaning of exposure, how to work on manual and not in automatic but I’m 100% sure that practicing it’s the better way to improve your ability!

Now, everytime I go out I have my camera with me and I practice everyday! I love what I do and even if I’m not good I go on with my passion because at the end I’m doing it for me and when I receive a compliment I’m the happiest person in the world!

I know ther’s no comparison with the thousand of talented persons out there and the blogosphere is full of fantastic photographer but I’m trying to find my place among them (in years and years!!!)

Please forgive me if you think I’m a presumptuous person… but in tose last days I’ve received a lot of nice words from you and even from unknown persons!

Tomorrow in the afternoon I have to go to take some pics to my friend’s store. She asked me because she need some pics. Than some of my friends asked me if I could take some pics of them…

For those pics I’ve used my LensBaby. I adore my lens, my brother gave to me for Christmas! I bought also a macro kit and I’m thinking to buy also some more optics from them and a new canon lens!

Girls, a weekly thank you for you! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, still few hours! Don’t miss my post tomorrow!