{Looking for Summer}

Finally May…A month that I adore because Spring is at his best ( or it’s supposed to be…!) and summer is at the door! May is simply in the Middle…

We start going out in cotton dresses, t-shirts, ballerinas, no more wool or coats or tights and even before we realize it we are at the beach wearing bikinis!

I’d love to wear one of the Lilibon‘s collection. The sexy, custom-made French lace suits are designed by Emilie Bon! Not the usual swim-suit but a modern version of Brigitte Bardot’s bikinis wore in Saint Tropez beaches!

Ok, maybe you (and I) won’t look like the Divine BB but aren’t the cute? French Retro style and soft colors (cream, rose pink, periwinkle, and gray) the perfect combination!

I’m looking for a one piece and I’d love exactly the one above!

But even that bikini will be ok!

When I was younger Summer was defenitely my fav season, maybe ‘cause i had 3 months of holidays from school or because I spent every single day at the beach with no worries for home works. Now (that I’m not so young!) I have to admit that I appreciate every season for many reason but Summer still has his place of honour in my heart…

My 10 reasons to love Summer :

1) walking barefoot on the sand
2) my turquoise bike
3) sea, sun and beach and lazy days!
4) figues, peaches and watermelon
5) the scent of the suntan lotion
6) light texture dresses
7) the beach at 6.00 in the afternoon and that light breeze that comes form the sea
8) eating outdoor drinking iced wine
9) the light…day are longer on Summer!
10) that feeling of freedom…

summer is your season? Why…JUST A REASON TO LOVE IT OR TO HEAT IT!

I have to thank you all for your comments (I’m so glad you love my cupboard). A BIG BIG THANK YOU is for Mara…you know why! You have been so precious!

  • oh I love every season...but you are right, walking barefoot and beeing outside is without wearing so many clothes is such a wonderful feeling!
    But for the moment I love may ;o)
    Have a lovely day today!

  • Susan said:

    I love your list, darling! sorry for being a bad blogger friend lately, my life is a mess... but I am trying to keep up! :)
    have a fabulous week, xoxo

  • Mara said:

    Bhè cara Gaia, qui oggi piove a dirotto il tuo post mi fà proprio venir voglia di estate!!!!!!
    ... per il resto, prego, è stao un piacere! ;)

    Un abbraccio!

  • Kris said:

    I am working to look like one of these lovely ladies in the very near future! :o)

  • amo l'estate incondizionatamente per infiniti motivi ma soprattutto perchè sembra di avere più ore per vivere, più energia, più voglia di gente...ma, ahimè, la prova costume mi rende sembra un pò ansiosa e questi costumini li guardo ma ora come ora non vorrei mai provarli...

  • GORGEOUS swimwear. Ooh la la. And i completely agree with your 10 summer faves!

  • I have been on the search for a great one-piece as well! All of these are quite lovely. I love the romantic details of each.

    My favorite thing about summer is being on the beach in the evening. And not a "touristy" beach. Something more secluded with sand dunes... somewhere you could build a little fire and sit and chat for hours. That kind of beach just soothes my soul.