{Sun, food& my Baby}

Saturday I spent the entire day outdoor!

We took my vespa and we went to the hills that surround the city. In just few minutes from the city center we were immersed in an extraordinarily beautiful view… Green all over at 360° with a magic view of all the city!

Aggiungi immagine
We had lunch at “Nonno” ( GrandPa!) one of the classic place to go when the nice season begin! We were with our friends, it’s always nice to spend time toghether when we have free time, cause during the week it’s so difficult.

It a very classic, not stylish (but for me very stylish!) in the conventional way and always full of people! I love that place: it reminds me when I was younger and I use to go there very often with my friends after study session afternoon!

It’s the perfect place for families with children, couples, friends…everybody!

Paper placemat and simple food, sun , chats about a future wedding, next holidays, footbal, projects, and a lot of pics!

A quick tour near home for some shopping, some strawberries, flowers, bread… and then started to rain….and It’s still rain!

This group is amazing, they play jazz . We bought their Cd…You never know maybe one day they will be famous…

Good Night!

  • Chiunque sia di bologna o ci sia vissuto, o anche solo passato per un periodo, ha almeno un ricordo legato al nonno!
    Io pure :)
    e che belle foto come al solito :)


  • ZAIRA said:

    Mi ispira troppo 'sto Nonno...ambiente rustico, pane e salame...Che c'è di meglio???

    Bacio xxx

  • Lana said:

    Sounds like a lovely day out!
    ps your wishlist is up today!x


  • First time over at your blog. Love it. Love the pictures. Miss Italy. Which I had enough money to go back.


  • sid said:

    First time over at your blog. Love it. Love the pictures. Miss Italy. Which I had enough money to go back.


  • What a perfect day! I absolutely love eating outdoors. Nonno looks like somewhere I would love to go!

  • What a nice night! I really want to go to Bologna someday. My parents were been there three years ago and they love it.

  • Love the photos, specially the first one!! Special, very special...

  • Amy said:

    That sounds like a lovely day! There is nothing nicer than eating outside on a sunny day. I had lunch outside by the water the other day. I love the sunshine on my face and the breeze and sea air. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! xoxo