Finally they arrived…

Peonies are my favorites flower ever! I love them all , pink, white, red, Italian, french, chinese… whatever!

I would fill my house with peonies every day if only would be possible. I bought them on friday and my home is full of them.

I’m amazed at the way they’ve cheanged since I brought them home. Sme of them were still closed at the shop and at home they magically opened up !

I’ve bought two type: french (the pink) and an italian quality: Mantovana.

As I’ve already told you I love things with personality and peonies, I think, have a strong personality… They look like a big rose but they are better, they smell better than any other flower. I love their “fluffiness”. I won’t get married but If I had to choose my bouquet flower it would be made of peonies! A simple bouquet of big beautiful peonies!

*photos by me*

I had an amazing weekend… Saturday I’ve been in my kitchen all day long to prepare a dinner for friend for a kind of inauguration of our nest, then a tour to the antique market where we found beautiful linen (I’ll use them for pillows and for my sofa) … I’m still looking for curtains for my kitchen…

And you? How are you out there?

Have a terrific week…hoping in a bit of sun!

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