{The Art of Sewing}

I’m trying to learn to use my mother’s sewing machine. When I started I thought it would have been easier and sometimes I feel so disappointed when I can’t do what I’ve in mind.

I’m so envious when I see what people can do with the sewing machine. This is the case of Charlotte Macey

Charlotte Macey Textiles is a small English handmade textile company in the heart of the Cotswolds that produces each item by hand and is continually inspired by the colours of the countryside that she has grown up with.
Coffe cosies Charlotte finds inspiration in objects from the everyday’s life, tea & cofee cosies, egg cosies, linen or cotton tea towels, cushion, doorstops, bags, aprons, buntings and many more. She incorporates a menagerie of elongated and quirky items such as cupcakes, beach huts and tea cups.



All Charlotte’s products are made using high quality, locally sourced fabrics, to blend well with her distinctive and fresh designs.

I really like Charlotte’s creations, they are simple and cute made of fantastic fabrics!

I’m working hard to learn to do more than a pillow because I like to make my own things, especially because usually I cannot find in stores what I like, and that it’s on my mind!

Anyway…my pillows are very cute! Do you want a pillow? just write me at
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