{Guest Post: Federica}

My dear Friends,
my Guest Post serie continue with Federica. I know that all of you know her . She’s my sweet friend, we live next door. I love her blog and I think she’s doing a great job…

First of all, I’d like to thank Gaia for allowing me to guest blog for you all today! I was so honored for the generous invitation. Gaia is really important to me, she’s a good friend.

I guess I should introduce myself, I’m Federica, and you can find me over at Sweet as a Candy, wich is my blog and where I love to share with all my lovely readers all the things I love: interior design, decor ideas, fashion, crafts, photography and many other things. Gaia has become such a dear friend to me since 7 years ago when we met, I simply adore her. When she asked me to post for her, I was completely flattered, but freaked out at the same time. What could I possibly say to all her readers? Then I decided to just keep it real, and post about a few of my favourite things….I hope you enjoy!

As some of you know that may have visited my blog before, I am a self-confessed home decor addict. Seriously, I simply cannot get enough when it comes to decorative mirrors, throw pillows, lamp shades, etc.

This is the reason why I love my home. I had such a great time decorating it, and I love the final result. Fresh, cozy and very welcoming. Whites, greys, neutral colors, this is my home.
Ah…flowers. I love them. My home is always filled with flowers. I used to buy a couple of bouquets at week, they are delicate and fragrant. Flowers can brighten up any room of the house! I love tucking flowers into every corner of my home. It doesn’t really matter what the flower is, but my faves are peonies, tulips, lilac and bulbs.

I love walking throught flea and antique markets. You can always find something special, an old crystal chandelier, a vintage suitcase, beautiful porcelain, ……One of the thing I love about my home is that is very closed to this beautiful antique market.

I love, love, love cookbooks…I wish I used them more… But with my job and many other things to do, during the week time is always short and meals are pretty simple…But I love to organize dinners with friends and I used to do super yummy presents for them. Nice packages filled with goodies.

Nice packages, stationary, ribbons, bows, wrapping, ect I absolutely adore these things. I even dream of having enough space to have a craft and stationery room, one day! In the meantime, I’d love to make these for friends.

Thank you again Gaia for giving me this opportunity to guest post

on your beautiful blog.

Take care,

  • ZAIRA said:

    Bellissimo, leggere i pensieri di Fede è sempre un piacere!! Grazie per questo regalo, Gaia. Un bacione a entrambe xoxo

  • Ah che meraviglia.. non mi stanco mai di leggere di voi due!!! Federica sei una Lady con la L maiuscola ! e Gaia , you're the coolest girl on earth :-)
    xxx Flaviana

  • Ma che meraviglia. Ma come mai mi ritrovo in ogni singola parola? a parte che casa mia sarebbe da rifare completamente?
    che bella coppia che siete voi 2!

  • PAOLA said:

    E' la prima volta che ti scrivo,ti conosco ora tramite la Fede..hai un blog stupendooooo..ti metto subito come tua followers!!
    ciao PAOLA.

  • non mi meraviglio che siate amiche...La vostra capacità di esprimervi attraverso le foto è incredibile: Questo post è semplicemente pefetto!

  • Ma che bel post! Un piacere leggervi e perdersi tra le vostre immagini
    Complimenti ragazze
    Un abbraccio

  • Siete meravigliose ragazze! Due anime delicate e sublimi. Complimenti davvero ad entrambe.


  • Mara said:

    Ciao Gaia! grazie per questo post stupendo!!! le foto di Federica sono sempre bellissime! E' meraviglioso che siate vere amiche!

    Un abbraccio!

  • Anna said:

    Adoro sia te che Fede!!!
    Grazie per aver condiviso con noi la vostra storia, Anna.

  • Arrivo da te attraverso Federica...
    Che dire, piacere di conoscerti!
    Ti auguro una buona giornata,

  • Lana said:

    Love your style Federica! And the two of you live next door to each other, that is so lucky!x

  • Hi Gaia,
    I just found your blog through Federica's lovely blog. I see that even from opposite sides of the world we have something in common - Alice! Love your blog.
    ~ Clare x

  • Two lovely ladies living next door to one another ~ how cool is that? Great guest post Federica!

    And Gaia about the lemon curd, I've found that when I store the curd in the jars (and refridgerate) it lasts for approx. 3 weeks. Not sure if there is another way to preserve to make it last longer. Would be good to know. Good luck.